Saturday, 21 April 2018

Don't let the sun go down on... Sunset Fantasy EDT [by Britney Spears]

It's that time of the year; the sun's finally out of hiding, the temperature is rising, brighter colours are flooding clothes shops... so I'm on the hunt for a new fruity/floral fragrance to be my soundtrack for the new season.

I want to focus in on fragrances that are below the £30 mark, as who wants to spend more on a seasonal 'everyday' fragrance when the clothes shops have exciting new options in and it's festival/holiday  season?

Heading straight towards new releases on the seasonal shelf (what I call the stand next to a till in my head) in my local Boots brings me to the new Britney Spears/Elizabeth Arden release for this year, so lets take a closer look...

Sunset Fantasy is a pleasant, mainly fruity-fresh mix of apple, peach, berries, sweet citrus and mild powdered floral notes. On me the orange blossom is the only clearly detectable floral note as the freshly sweet fruits are the stars of the fragrance, but I'm quite sure that I'm getting a hint of peony in the mix and maybe rose? The fragrance soon becomes milky and a bit warmer with the cream, amber and a light vanilla note developing fairly quickly. I think that there is coconut in the base, but that might just be me fooling myself, as I expect coconut in a summery fruity-rich fragrance.

This is a fairly linear fragrance on me which sometimes niggles me in fragrances, but doesn't actually bother me here - maybe because I like every single scent note used in the fragrance? Wear-time is decent enough for a EDT, at up to six hours. It does wear pretty close to the skin, though.

Official scent notes: ruby red grapefruit, Italian mandarin, sweet apple, peach, raspberry leaf, orange blossom, Australian sandalwood, vanilla Moheli, amber and steamed milk froth.

Straight away Sunset Fantasy reminded me of Victoria's Secret long-since discontinued fragrance Love Rocks, which is a perfume that I bought on a holiday in Florida years ago, so yeah  - sun, colour and happy times... Err, where was I? Oh yeah; I loved Love Rocks and went through it fairly quickly, but could never find it for sale on a site etc here in the UK, so finding a reminiscent perfume is pleasing to me. 
This isn't anything close to being original and doesn't remind me of Fantasy at all [this reminds me more of the Private Show line quite a bit], but for a seasonal limited edition release that is fairly low priced and will be kept on various offers during it's in-store run, Sunset Fantasy is a pretty good buy - it just says 'happy' and 'fun' to me. So if you want a more casual and relaxed spring/summer fragrance, collect Britney Spears fragrances, or want a non-offensive fragrance as a gift option for someone, then Sunset Fantasy is worth checking out.

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