Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Purple [Palette] reign, with Kylie Cosmetics...

Kylie Cosmetics knocked 30% or 40% off the prices of their eyeshadow palettes at some point around Black Friday 2017 [sorry - my memory for October and November is really fuzzy], so I used the opportunity to pick up some extra xmas gifts for people - and I also got The Purple Palette for myself out of a morbid fascination with the brand curiosity, as I have a few fans of the brand in my life who all say I should try one of their core eyeshadow palettes as they are much better quality then the more-rushed limited edition releases that I have.

So here we are two months worth of applying-and-wearing-the-shadows-all-day testing later; it's time to share a couple of my favourite combos and determine if I think the product quality differs between this more permanent 9-pan palette, compared to the quality of the limited edition palettes I own from the brand. 

Will this be the palette that turns my 'meh' opinion of the brand around, or have I wasted more money on another subpar palette from the Kylie Cosmetics brand? 

The Purple palette contains nine powder eyeshadows in a mix of matte, metallic and metallic-with-microglitter finishes. The palette also contains a mirror, which the earlier nine-pan palettes do not have [or at least the first couple of batch releases didn't.

Periwinkle (metallic/microglitter icy pink), Trophy (metallic/microglitter bronze), Stone (matte cool-tone taupe)
Lilac (matte soft lilac), Wine 'N Dine (matte deepened plum), Turning Violet (matte deepened violet)
Amethyst (metallic purple), Purple Smoke (metallic purple slate) and Blueberry (matte cool gray)

Lets start with the huge plus by looking at the pigmentation in the swatches of the matte purple and lilac shades - no primer has been used, I didn't dampen my brush and I didn't go over the swatch multiple times to build them up. The other two matte shades aren't as richly pigmented, but the pigmentation is still nice and I really appreciate that they put in cool tones for their practical neutrals. Purple Smoke is another shade that I love, as it's totally unique to my eyeshadow collection - but I don't think that it's a straightforward metallic like the site says, I'd say that it is more like a pearl/duochrome, as it flashes purple. This is the first Kyshadow palette I've tried where every shade blends out well and there is nowhere near as fall out as much as the other Kylie Cosmetic shadows that I've tried - and I haven't noticed any creasing or colour fading with any of the shades over the day, which have been issues before.

 However, I've still found a few downsides; the shades Trophy and Amethyst don't apply as vivid on the lids, compared to how they look in their pans - I always find in every palette I've tried from Kylie Cosmetics that some of their metallics fall a bit short of the mark, so this wasn't too much of a surprise, but at the pricepoint that they've chosen to put themselves at I can't overlook it the way I can with cheaper palettes.  My biggest hangup with The Purple Palette is that the microglitter that is in some of the metallic shades is loose in the base, so things get messy with it migrating over the day - the Kylie Cosmetic site doesn't mention any of the shades containing glitter [they call Periwinkle a satin!], so I kinda feel cheated, as I wouldn't have bought it and would have picked The Burgundy Palette instead, if I'd have known that this one contains glitter.

I don't feel that this palette has been as radically overpriced like I think the other eyeshadow palettes I've tried from the brand have been, as the quality has much improved over the earlier eyeshadow releases, and I'll continue to get use out of it. But... the regular RRP ultimately still is overpriced in my opinion, as I'm only totally happy with four shades & find another two 'nice' , so find $7 + tax per shadow I like is just too much, when I can find similar shades in bigger and higher quality palettes, for less money and not have to deal with the brand's slow order processing and delivery times. So to conclude; as I have some niggles with a few of the shades, I don't feel as though I can happily recommend this palette to people outside of a similar flash-sale, like the one I picked up mine in. 
I'll say that if you want to own a palette/buy a palette as a gift specifically from this brand, then The Purple Palette is nice enough quality-wise, the shades are very wearable and easy to work with. But if you just want some nice quality shades of purple to wear, then check out the Unicorn's Dream palette by indie brand Karity [I'll get around to reviewing mine after trying it out some more, but my first impressions are very positive].

You can buy The Purple Palette from the Kylie Cosmetics site for $42.
 Order processing for this order took nearly 2 weeks and delivery took another 11 days.

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