Saturday, 3 February 2018

Crystal clear, with added zing; Crystal Gardenia Citrus EDP by KKW Fragrances...

If you follow the KKW Fragrances brand, you'll know that they've just released a new line of fragrances, ready for Valentine's Day. I personally think the new trio [the Kimoji Hearts line] sounds like popular perfumes from Victoria's Secret that I have/had, and I think the bottles and promotional photos make them look cheap, tacky and generally 'meh' - I know that bottle shape and pictures won't affect the actual juice, but I'm getting fussy about the presentation of fragrances.

Instead of taking a closer look at the new perfumes, I'm bringing some attention back to the original range by the brand instead [by 'original' I mean a whole three/four months old]. Today I'm focusing on Crystal Gardenia Citrus, which was actually the first fragrance in the Crystal Gardenia line I bought, and is the one which encouraged me to continue exploring the KKW Fragrances brand. So it's not going to be a huge surprise to discover that I enjoy this fragrance, but lets read why...

Crystal Gardenia Citrus was a strange impulse buy - I'm still not sure why I bought it, since gardenia and tuberose are both scent notes which tend to turn bitter and overpowering on me. I'm not of fan of the family either, so it's not like I just felt the need to have something with her brand name on... 

Despite the perfume's name it is not the gardenia which is the star on me [a huge plus as gardenia is the scent note which I find the most bitter], but instead the tuberose note - and the tuberose note is very creamy & rounded. It is perfectly balanced with the gardenia, tiare flowers and what I think is jasmine. 

For me it's the fruits and woody notes that give Crystal Gardenia Citrus it's likability and punch; the orange, lemon and passionfruit liven the fragrance up and add a drop of fresh sweetness, whilst the woody notes gives everything some depth. A good all-seasons-all-occasions fragrance to have in my collection, that has that special something and just seems 'happy'. The only downside scent-wise is that this is quite a linear fragrance, but I still am likely to re-buy it in the large size, when I use up my 30ml bottle.

Like Crystal Gardenia, I find that this fragrance lasts between six and seven hours on me, and it goes pretty close to the skin quickly. Not the greatest in terms of longevity and sillage in comparison to the likes of higher-end brands like Dior and Chanel, but I do think it is pretty good in strength for the more affordable price range [£38 for a 30ml bottle - including international shipping and custom tax].

Official scent notes: orange oil, lemon orpur, Tahitian pomello, rose orpur, gardenia, tiare flower, tuberose, musk, cedarwood, amber and sandalwood.

As well as being a good quality of juice for the price point, the outer packaging is top-notch; the healing crystal shaped bottle, thick card flip-lid box and accompanying envelope containing several rose quartz healing crystals, looks fantastic. A great gift idea - the presentation of the fragrance gives it an expensive, luxurious feeling. 

The international shipping time is very good too - one week between ordering from the US-based company, order processing, shipping and delivery to my front door in England. Five working days for international ordering and delivery is just fantastic. For comparison; I ordered from Kylie's Christmas launch buying things for both reviews and presents towards the end of November, and between order processing [4 weeks!] and delivery [just over 2 weeks] I missed Christmas and had to buy different gifts for people, and reviews? I got the Nice palette and Sugar lip collection, which were both long-gone by the time I got them, so there's no point in reviewing them now...

My review for Crystal Gardenia is here. Click on the names for my reviews for Kim KardashianKim Kardashian Glam.and Kim Kardashian Gold

I do not own Crystal Gardenia Oud - it is only sold in the larger size, which I'm very hesitant to order in case I don't like it and am stuck with a $60 air freshener. They definitely need to introduce a 30ml bottle for it, since they expect people to buy their stuff blind. Oh hey; they should bring out roller-ball sets - the marketing team for KKW should call me!!

The Crystal Gardenia perfume range is sold through the KKW Fragrances site, and Crystal Gardenia Citrus is available in two sizes:

30ml bottle - $35
75ml bottle - $60

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