Sunday, 11 February 2018

Feeling vampish with The Vampy One, by Pretty Little Palettes...

New brand alert!!

I saw a Instagram advert for a buy-one-get-one-free sale that indie brand Pretty Little Palettes were having, so after a quick click and look on the site, I bought a palette as a birthday gift for someone and got The Vampy One eyeshadow palette for myself to try. Today I want to introduce the palette to you... 

When I Googled for more information on the brand, I discovered that they 
only began trading in November 2017, and that reality star Holly Hagan is one of the two investors and directors for Pretty Little Palettes - I don't watch reality shows or read gossip magazine articles on them, so that doesn't mean anything to me and won't affect my review in any way, but I'd throw that tidbit out there for those of you that might be interested. 
Anyway lets get into the good stuff and see if the eyeshadows are easy to work with and look as good after application, as they do in their pans...

The Vampy One eyeshadow palette contains eight powder eyeshadows in a mix of matte, metallic and matte glitter finishes: 

Fang [red metallic], Blade [platinum metallic], Metal [orange-based brown matte], Grave [black matte]

Witch [old-gold metallic], Crush [purple metallic], Dusk [bark matte microglitter], Death [tan matte]

When I recieved my palette I immediately dipped into the red and purple shades and admittedly wasn't blown away, as they both feel thinner compared to everything else. However they apply to the eyes very well (a small stiff-bristled brush, and patting another layer over with a finger is best), considering the price-point, and fact that red and purple shadows are hard to formulate for any brand. I've noticed that Fang applies with a pinky undertone that wasn't noticeable in the pan or swatch,but again, this niggle can also be said for every other metallic red shade of eyeshadow I've used - plus it makes it easier to wear red on the eye.

The other two metallic shades do feel awesome and I've got no niggles to note - they are very pigmented and feel like creams. I was surprised by how well Blade works as a browbone highlight, since it leans on the silver side, and Witch is a nice 'work appropriate way to use the Vampy One.

The tan and brown mattes all feel smooth and applied evenly, with only the shade containing micro-glitter having a bit of fallout - but this is another general thing with matte-with-glitter eyeshadow formlas. I've had no other issues or niggles to report.Oh yeah; I want to note that I'm not one for using primer under eyeshadows or dampening my makeup brushes as good quality shadows should be able to be used as they are, and I've had no creasing, or noticeable fading with these shadows... 

The black matte shadow is a bit more powdery compared to the other shadows in the palette and it is very pigmented, so either do your eye makeup before your base, as it can get messy [or maybe it's just down to me not being used to using very deep shadow shades?]. 

At first I wasn't too sure want to make of The Vampy One as when I first got it the shades and finishes just seemed randomly shoved together in the palette, so I didn't know where to start from with it. But after
 swatching everything out and a bit of picturing looks in my head, I was off running with pairing shades and finishes together, even with the shades and finishes I don't usually use - matte black and metallic red.

As the quality of the shadows and sturdy card palette are both very good, I would have no complaints with spending the full £22 on it - there may only be eight shades AND those shades are picked around a single theme, but you can still make a variety of looks ranging from day-to-day to night and free time. I also want to note that family and friends who don't usually comment on my makeup have commented on how pretty my eyes looked, when I've been wearing shadows from this palette - and even a few strangers have also complemented my eye makeup [combining Dusk and Fang seems to be a particularly popular combo with others]. 

You should follow Pretty Little Palettes on Instagram, as they have had several flash sales on their products over the month that I've been following them (I've now picked up the other two eyeshadow palettes for review in the coming weeks/months on another buy-one-get-one-free deal). 

The Vampy One eyeshadow palette costs £24 and can be bought here - I ordered the palettes on a Friday, they were posted the following Monday and delivered the next day, so that's three working days.

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