Thursday, 19 October 2017

Stocking stuffer: Getting juicy with the Cheeky Peachy blush & highlight palette, by Primark...

In my last post I showed you Primark's Just Peachy eyeshadow palette, now today I'm going to show you what item lead me to discover that; the Cheeky Peachy blush & highlight palette.

The Peachin' blush shade is my favourite product in this palette; a flattering suits-all pinky peach satin shade, that gives a gentle flush to skin. A lovely goes-with-everything classic, that I've been reaching for fairly often.

I didn't think I'd like the Sweet Peach blush shade as it contains micro-glitter, however the glitter can hardly be seen upon application. The actual pinky peach matte base does look pretty much the same as Peachin' does on me, but the glitter gives it a subtle glean.

The Peach Twist highlighter is a bit ho-hum; the golden-champagne-with-a-twist-of-peach shade is flattering though not unique, and I'm not a lover of shimmery face products and this highlight does contain shimmer - admittedly there hasn't been a lot of fallout, which is a plus. I wear Peach Twist whenever I pick up this palette to wear the Peachin' blush as it's convenient, but it isn't something I think about otherwise.

So there we go; the blushes are very similar and the highlight is on the generic side, but everything is wearable - it all lasts the whole day on my dry skin [with setting spray].Like the eyeshadow palette, I'd caution those with richer and deeper skintones against getting this - the powder is thin and would just look ashy.

The Cheeky Peachy palette is only £3.  

I've reviewed the peach-themed eyeshadow palette. £4.
There are 7 or 8 shades of peach-themed lipglosses for £2.50 - I'm lipgloss/sticked out so didn't get any, but they contain peach oil like the TooFaced glosses do, so might also be worth getting for stocking stuffers.
There are around 4 shades of peach-themed nail polish for £1.50 - the display in my local store had been ransacked, and only two shades were there.

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