Monday, 16 October 2017

Stocking stuffer: Getting fruity with the Just Peachy eyeshadow palette, by Primark...

Yep; I've interrupted my palettes-for-Christmas mini series to present my 'Stocking stuffers' mini series, sorry. I just stumbled across a few items that impressed me with being of a good quality for a low price, and I want to let people know about them while they can still get them.

I have a weakness for peach eyeshadows; I bought TooFaced's Sweet Peach for way over it's RRP after it sold out in the blink of an eye on it's original release, I gulped and paid the pricey shipping and custom taxes, so that I could get my hands on the TooFaced Just Peachy mattes [Sephora exclusive], and I brushed off the online ranting and picked up ABH  Subculture (Still loving it).

But now Primark have decided that they want a piece of the (peach)pie, and have bought out their own version of a peach eyeshadow palette - and have a temptingly low price tag of £4. What can a 44p-per-shadow palette do? Being the peach lover that I am, I decided to get the answers...

I'm not just being a hater-bitch when I say this, but the quality of the shadows is pretty much the same as the Kylie Cosmetics shadows; they do the job well enough, but they are on the thinner and powdery side. - laying down a base shadow/face powder over the eye before applying these shadows helps with the not-great pigments.  The shadows swatch a lot poorer in comparison to how they perform once applied - with a base the shadows apply decently [the shimmers still don't look as vivid as they do in the pan], blend without trouble, and wear pretty well [they fade a bit].

Just like the inspiration-piece [TooFaced Sweet Peach palette], this palette also has a peach scent to it - I do prefer the more candied version of the scent in the TooFaced palette, but this isn't unpleasant.

For this review I've got some 'before and after' shots of the look I did with the shadows to show that, yes, the shades do fade a bit.I didn't use a primer on my eyes, but I did dust face powder from lid to brow before applying the shadows, as I could see from the swatches that the shadows are thinner. I used shadows 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 for this look...

Freshly applied

7/8 hours later [no primer was used]

For the low price of £4 (44p per shadow) I can't really fault the overall quality of these shadows too much, and I highly recommend this palette for people who are looking for gifts - especially for younger people or those who are new to wearing eyeshadow and want to experiment without spending too much. If you have the TooFaced Sweet Peach palette and were a bit let down by there not being many actual peach shades in it, then this palette complements it nicely. I'd caution people with deeper skintones against buying this palette as the shadows are thin and the pigments aren't very strong - the shadows would look ashy.
In the next few days, I'll be looking at Primark's matching blush & highlight palette to this - the Cheeky Peachy palette...

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