Sunday, 2 July 2017

Miss Baby Roll mascara by L'Oreal...

Ah - mascara. One of my top three makeup products [concealer and highlighter are my other two], so my head is pretty easily turned whenever I come across a new one...

And... Well, there's not else to add to this story. I saw a TV ad for Miss Baby Roll, so decided to look out for it in Boots, then picked it up when I saw it on offer. Money well spent, or was it thrown away? Only one way to find out...

The new Miss Baby Roll mascara has a really good formula; it adds instantly noticeable volume in one coat, it has a rich colour, and in addition to holding the created curl it also adds length. I average at around ten hours wear per day, and [despite the formula not being waterproof] so far the mascara has never flaked on me.

The magic for Miss Baby Roll is in the wand; the bristles are arranged in a corkscrew pattern that grabs, fans and curls every lash out and up. I've found that applying the mascara whilst also pushing the wand-head against the mid-length & ends of my lashes sets the best curl and lift to my lashes. The results are just like Benefit's Roller Lash, only this is much cheaper to buy.

My only criticism is that this isn't the easiest mascara to remove - the L'Oreal line of Miss Manga mascaras are all worse [reviews here, here and here], but other brands of mascaras I enjoy [eg Tarte] are easier to remove. I enjoy the results of this enough to be okay with the trade-off when I can't justify the price of my beloved Tarte mascaras, so have to settle for less expensive mascara options, but I still wanted to note this issue as ease of removal is a deal breaker for people..

Miss Baby Roll mascara can be bought from any stockist of  L'Oreal cosmetics for £7.99 in black, indigo, teal or lilac.

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