Friday, 16 June 2017

New Fragrance; VIP Private Show edp by Britney Spears...

"Take a seat, let the champagne flow and enjoy the excitement of a private performance with the legendary talent. Indulgent and endlessly glamorous, VIP Private Show channels Britney’s charisma and sparkle into a scent that perfectly captures her connection to her fans, global success and undeniably alluring appeal."
Britney Spears and Elizabeth Arden are back with their 22nd fragrance release; VIP Private Show, the first flanker for last year's Private Show, which I think is Britney's most adult fragrance release.

Lets see if it looks like they'll be staying in their new direction...

"Private Show celebrates one of my biggest passions, dancing, and I’m so excited to take the fragrance to a more personal place with VIP Private Show! It’s inspired by the personal, intimate feeling of putting on a show, where it’s just you and the audience."
VIP Private Show is described as a seductive, fruity oriental. Fresh and sweet fruity notes from the top are combined with a floral bouquet in the heart and the base of velvety musk. Coffee and sweets from the original have been replaced by fresher fruits, while the heart of white flowers is complemented with accords of violet and magnolia.
Top notes: blood orange, red apple, mango
Heart: violet, orange blossom, magnolia
Base: raspberry wood, golden amber, velvet musk
[Press release via Fragrantica]
Hmm. I'm not too sure about this. I really enjoy Private Show [my review is here] - it is similar to Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium Nuit Blanche edp. However it is the coffee accords that really give it that X factor, and more adult feel.

I'll still try this as violet and magnolia are my two favourite floral notes. But yeah, I wanted that coffee note to return :(

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