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Ooh La La: Paris edp by Victoria's Secret...

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Paris is the new limited edition fragrance for Christmas, and was the official fragrance for the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It is officially described as being a festive, crisp and fresh fragrance inspired by Parisian gardens during winter and the glittery scene of the Eiffel Tower covered with snow. 
My mother went to New York for a Christmas shopping trip in 2012 and bought me that year's festive fragrance release [Bombshell Diamonds] from Victoria's Secret, and I also have and really enjoy last year's Christmas fragrance release [Winter Bombshell] from them, so I couldn't wait to visit a Victoria's Secret store to try this year's offering. But do I think that it something worth rushing out for to put under your Christmas tree or snapping up in the upcoming January sales, or is it something I think of as too samey to their past festive fragrances?

For me Paris has been a very pleasant surprise; there are no fruits or vanilla and very little jasmine detectable to me, unlike almost every other Victoria's Secret perfume that I've tried/owned, so it's different for them from. On me it is a clean, uncluttered and cold woodsy scent, with a little bit of airy musk in the base. There is a mix of some fresh & green, and also some mossy types of floral notes in the background, but none of them are strong enough for me to be able to separate and identify. 
I'd describe Paris as being the scent of a walk on a frosty morning - it's a perfect winter fragrance, that fits the inspiration and clear, sharp bottle design very well.

Official scent notes: French cypress, night blooming jasmine, oakmoss and white cedar.

Paris is a close-to-the-skin fragrance, and it has a "meh" longevity (around 6 hours), which is a shame and slightly lessens my enjoyment for it. However I still reccomend trying Paris out if you enjoy simpler, clean fragrances, as it makes a lovely daytime perfume, and can be layered with smokier perfumes for the evening to give them an icy jolt of energy.

My other two festive perfumes from Victoria's secret are both Bombshell flankers, and whilst Paris has the same bottle shape and fresh overtone, I'd hesitate to label it as being part of that line; the Bombshell flankers I have [and the original Bombshell] have a fruity mix that features passion fruit, and they all have some sweeter (vanilla blends) base notes.

Paris is sold in 50ml bottles for £55 in Victoria's Secret stores.

[I went to  the store in the Trafford Centre]

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