Friday, 9 December 2016

Tis the season: Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Eyeshadow Quad in Moody Browns and Gold...

If you have been busy wrapping Christmas presents and have just realized you've missed someone, so now need a last-minute gift for a beauty junkie, or have you got a party invite over Christmas or New Year, and fancy wearing something new for that extra-special feeling?

... Don't panic; I've got your back on this, and want to show you a great quality eyeshadow quad that I've been loving lately. It has three very wearable matte shades and a metallic pop of colour for when you want to kick your look up a notch [a every-other-day shade for me recently]. 

I've picked this quad out of my cosmetic box for review because it has both practical every-day shades, and a metallic shade for that extra bit of glam. And the 50s style compact that houses the shades is very attractive, making it perfect for gifting. Plus there is still plenty of time for you to order it and have it arrive in time for Christmas - and you can pick express delivery, Amazon Prime, first class, or free second class delivery.

For me the star products in this compact are the three 'everyday' matte shades; a cream shade I apply with a fluffy brush lid to brow, then a medium neutral brown for contouring my crease, and a dark neutral brown for darkening the outer lid and crease. The pigmentation is awesome, the shadow formula is very soft and buttery, they aren't patchy and apply with only a little [if any] fallout and blend & wear really well.

The only niggle I've had is with the metallic golden shade; the shadow isn't as tightly packed and it contains lots of micro-shimmer, so feels a bit gritty, is on the patchy side, and it has some fallout - it does perform well once applied, but it is best to apply it by dampening one of the supplied sponge tip applicator's [or a dampened finger] and using that, rather than a brush = less fallout and more even coverage. 

As the formula quality is great, I really enjoy using this palette as blending is extremely easy - the formula is up there with Urban Decay and Kat Von D. A lot of time must have gone into the picks for the shade and finish selection to make it complimentary, and the product is stunningly presented.

I must admit that, however good the shadows are, I can't help but notice that the shades aren't anything new so I do already own multiple shadows in very similar tones. Still; it is very handy to have everything together in the same compact, so it is a timesaving convenience when I'm rushing to make myself presentable in the mornings. And as the weighty compact itself is very attractive, it would make a lovely gift.

The gold doesn't photograph well on swatches or once applied.It is as vivid as the pan photo in real-life.

The quad can be found on Amazon UK for £25.

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