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Inheriting the cosmetic counter: Heiress Limited Edition edp by Paris Hilton...

“Heiress is such a great scent and one of my personal favorites. It’s playful and fun with a touch of  sophistication! This limited edition fragrance is the perfect go to scent with the super cute bottle that’s so festive with red crystals. Just looking at it will make you feel just like an heiress yourself!” - Paris HIlton
It seems like forever ago (October 2015) that I read that Parlux would be releasing a limited edition version of the Paris Hilton perfume Heiress in honor of the original's tenth anniversary; the original Heiress perfume had just been released one of the first times I went to NYC where I remember buying it in Macy's and getting a free travel bag (with wheels!), lotion & a ton of free samples, so I wanted to buy this new edition to remind me of my fun-filled holiday. As luck would have it my mother and sister were in NYC when Paris Hilton was and said to be releasing this limited edition version (late February/early March 2016), however they failed to find the perfume anywhere. And all throughout 2016 I'd ask everyone I knew who was traveling abroad if they would mind looking for this perfume in the Duty Free stores, but no-one ever found it.

Fast forward a bit; I was stuck at home and bored over the new year and absent-mindedly did yet another Google search for the Heiress limited edition release - and found it on The  Perfume Shop's UK site (link at the end of my review). And so it is now time to buy it and see just how the fragrance has held up over time... And let's also see if it has a slightly different composition, like the limited edition version of the original Paris Hilton perfume did.

HEIRESS applies with energetic, fizzy champagne mimosa. The long-lasting passionfruit and peach soften up the leading note, preventing it from being too tart and sharp. The opening is softer and less sweet than the original, which has a overly sweet bubblegum-scented shampoo type of undertone to it - a huge plus from the get-go, as the original's intense fruity sweetness is why I stopped wearing it = it could become sickly in warmer weather.

Another difference I
 picked up between this and the original Heiress from the first wear onwards, is that I can clearly detect the main floral notes of jasmine,ylang-ylang, tiare, honeysuckle and violet. The floral heart of the original Heiress is jumbled together with the lingering fruit notes too much for me to separate the notes very well, so I'm really enjoying this edition; the more developed floral notes diffuse the fruits somewhat, which makes the fragrance fresher and a bit more airy in comparison.

The biggest difference in this version is the woody base. Simply put - I could never pick up on any difference between the heart and base in the original, as the passionfruit note was too strong. There is also some tonka bean, which I don't think was in the original either. T
he improved structure of the fragrance means that the longevity of this edition is also much better - around 7 to 8 hours, whilst the original barely manages half of that.

Official scent notes; passionfruit, orange, peach, mimosa, champagne, star jasmine, tiare flower, ylang-ylang, honeysuckle, dewberry, grenadine, violet leaf, vetiver, tonka bean and white wood. 

Looking at other review sites, I don't think that people get that this more concentrated edition of Heiress is meant to be more or less the same as the original, just with a few extra scent notes and a better quality of ingredients, to celebrate the original edition's anniversary - it's not a 'new' new fragrance, it is designed to be very similar. However if you have a lot of experience with the original edition, you will notice the few differences I described above (I've gone through three or four bottles despite not being totally happy with it, as it had become my funhappyawesometime fragrance and helped boost my mood in low periods)

I think that this edition is slightly different to the original scent-wise, but the little differences are for the better and they have made Heiress much more wearable. I reccomend trying this over the original version of Heiress - in fact I've ordered a back-up bottle [the special signed boxes showed up on the site just after I got my regular £40 one], since seeing how quickly the other Paris Hilton limited edition perfume vanished..

Buy the 100ml bottle that comes in an autographed box on The Perfume Shop site for only £25 - be quick though, there's only a small number of bottles at this low price.

The regular 100ml bottles of Heiress limited edition from The Perfume Shop are here for £40 [free shipping].

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