Tuesday, 15 November 2016

WowEveryday: the MetalMatte eyeshadow palette by Kat Von D...

Before I even start my review, I'll point out that the MetalMatte palette is £50 [£14 more expensive when compared to her other eyeshadow palettes that are being sold for £36], which may put some people off. However you are getting more shadows than is usually included in her palettes; thirteen matte shadows, and nine metal crush shades which sell for £16 individually.  

I think that this is their Christmas offering this year for UK customers (the company does have both another palette of their own [Alchemy] and a collaboration palette with Too Faced [Better Together] coming in December for US/Canadian customers, but I don't think they'll be released this year for international customers)...  
Ready to jump in, and see what we're getting for our money?
The matte shades are a medley of neutral, slightly muted vibrants, vampies and pastels, so there is something for every comfort level, every season and every occasion. The pigmentation is awesome, and the shadow formula is very soft and buttery. When I dip my brush into the shadows they do have some kickup to them, but they aren't patchy and apply with only a little [if any] fallout and blend really well, so I generally don't feel that mentioning that something has kickup is automatically a negative point in my reviews is really necessary as long as the ease of use and performance isn't affected - just tapping excess off your brushes solves the problem.

I am thrilled with the look and feel of the matte shades, but the metal crush ones are... Woah. so smooth to apply and molten looking, in a nice mix of vibrant shades and more 'everyday' metallic pops. The shade Synergy is a popular shade in the permanent Metal Crush range, but the other eight shades are new. The only slight niggle I can think of with the metallic shadows is that the shade 'Tinsel' contains lots of micro-shimmer, so feels a bit gritty and has some fallout - it does perform well once applied, though I do think it's best to apply it with a damp concealer-type brush.

I really enjoy my Serpentina palette and thought that was fantastic and unique, but Metal Matte manages to beat it as you have everything you need/want for a complete eye look in the one palette, whereas I need to use another palette alongside the Serpentina palette as it has no practical shades in it. I definitely reccomend getting hold of Metal Matte, and judging by the YouTube & Instagram raves, I'd get it sooner rather than later - I don't think that this palette will be around for long. 
Like my last review: I bought this palette set at the start of October [US launch on Sephora], so I've been wearing everything enough that I feel confident about sharing my thoughts. However between overtime and sickness, I haven't had the chance to sit down and create any of my usual demo looks I do for the blog. However I don't want to waste any more time in getting this review posted, incase it sells out.

Available on the Debenhams website. 

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