Monday, 7 November 2016

The Bargain Hunter: £2.64 BB Cream by a Korean beauty company...

After my success with a Maycheer concealer ordered from a third party seller on Amazon a few weeks ago, I went back to the same seller to find another Maycheer product, and came away with a BB cream for only £2.64.

Will the sum of Korean beauty + fair shades + cheap prices = happy customer this time around?

I picked the lightest of the two shades available; it blends in with my skin very well

 BB Cream feels very light and silky on my skin and blending is super easy. Once blended, the results are a smooth satin finish, with a nice glow.  However what makes this BB Cream stand out is the surprisingly good coverage it has; it won't cover my hormonal breakouts, but my main problem is discolouration, which this product solves. It even reduces the appearance of my pores AND undereye circles too.

                      Naked skin                      Just BB cream [no concealer]

I've found it to be transfer resistant, long lasting and it doesn't settle in my fine lines. It does feel fairly hydrating, but I have noticed a little bit of flaking around my nose - I do have severely dry and sensitive skin right now though, and the amount of flaking is less than I suffer from with my foundations.
Seeing how the BB cream looks/works with finishing powder and blush; a success 

I think the packing is very user-friendly; It's in a squeezable, slim tube, so you can squeeze all of the product out. Plus; it's a ideal size for small bags and the lid is very secure. It has a sponge applicator that comes attached to the tip, but mine became stuck in the lid after a few uses, but I prefer squeezing the cream onto the back of my hand and applying it with one of my blending sponges, or a brush, anyway - so no biggie.

The BB cream can be ordered through Amazon UK here, for £2.64 [free postage].

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