Friday, 18 November 2016

NOTD: Close Your Eyes by orly...

Close Your Eyes dates back to Orly's 2005 Truth Or Dare collection, and I think that it must have been added to their core colour collection at one point, because it is still easy to find on most retail sites [eg AmazoneBay and Nail Polish Direct] today, as both a regular polish and a gel one. 
The party season is almost upon us, but before we bring out the full-on bling and glitters of the season, let's ease into the glitz and glamour by getting our pearly glow on...

Orly described Close Your Eyes as being a fuchsia shimmer, but I think that it is more of a plum that looks to have more of a pearlized frosty/almost metallic effect formula in the bottle. When applied to the nail, the berryish pearl/shimmer/frost pigments sorts of fade into the plummy base of the formula - but this actually works in the polish's favour, as it gives the shade a lit-from-within quality. Yeah;I've worn this shade a few times now, and am still not totally sure how best to describe it 😊  

As well as the molten glow being extremely pretty, the formula is a winner; you only need one thicker coat for complete coverage that matches the shade in the bottle, although I'm someone who leans towards applying two thinner coats for better wear - but if I'm not bothered about stretching my mani or pedi out for as long as possible and just want something to match an outfit, this is a reliable and quick option. This polish is the perfect balance between not-too-thick and not-too-thin, it is so smooth to apply that it almost seems to apply itself, it doesn't streak on me, it dries quickly, and it wears well.

I'm getting a In The Moon For Love vibe from Close Your Eyes; they're not total dupes, but they're pretty close shades of plummy purple, and both shades have the same pearly finish. If you have one I don't think you need the other. I'd personally rate Close Your Eyes higher then In The Moon For Love, as I think the finish is a bit more glowier.

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