Monday, 15 August 2016

NOTD: Papa Don't Peach by China Glaze...

Today's NOTD polish fits the theme of the China Glaze summer 2016 Lite Brites collection really well, as this shade reminds me of my jelly shoes as a child in the late 80's. Plus; do 80's babies remember when inflatable backpacks were really popular in secondary school during the 90's? Papa Don't Peach reminds me slightly of those too...

I'm not quite sure what to class the shade of Papa Don't Peach as - it is a very bright citrus shade that has a touch of red in it, so it's not quite peach, not quite orange, not quite coral. Electric peach? It has a jelly formula, that is packed with golden shimmer and glass beads. 

Papa Don't Peach has a great formula for a light jelly shade; it is fully opaque in three coats, but despite the ton of shimmer it has a largely smooth look and feel in two coats, so I usually wear the two as I don't mind a bit of vnl. I've not had any problems with staining.

The Lite Brites collection is new for summer 2016, and can be found on all online retailers.

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