Wednesday, 3 August 2016

[Is it] Mad Love edp by Katy Perry...

Last year I shared my disappointment with the then latest Coty/Katy Perry release Mad Potion. 
Well now they're followed that release up with a new flanker - Mad Love. As I posted last year, Coty originally announced Mad Love as a autumn 2015 release, so I was curious to see is the delay in release was maybe due to it being improved upon, since Mad Potion has been largely panned on most fragrance sites AND most customer review sites. 

So is Mad Love just Mad Potion: Part II, or is it something more then a weak musky vanilla scent? I have recently been gifted a bottle of it, so I was keen to open it and see...

 This is a rather 'paint by numbers' stereotypical celeb fragrance; it opens with a fruity hit of sweet citrus, watery apple and a brief burst of jammy strawberry. The fruit is quickly followed by quiet powdered underdeveloped floral notes that could really be anything, and everything is backed by a blend of musk-and-coconut-infused vanilla - from beginning to end. 

This mix is linear on me as the vanilla blend is the strongest scent note, and it blends everything else too closely together for me to differentiate between very well. If you mixed Meow and Killer Queen: Oh So Sheer together, you'll end up with something very similar to Mad Love.

Official scent notes; lady apple sorbet, mara strawberry, pink grapefruit, bleeding heart flower, peony, jasmine, velvety musk, sandalwood and coconut.

Whilst I think that Mad Love is not anywhere near being a "scrub it off, it's awful" fragrance and it's something that is pleasant and easy to wear, I do think that it's untimely not anything exciting and isn't worth rushing out to find; there is nothing about it that hasn't been done many times before. As well as being a mix of Katy's earlier fragrances, Mad Love reminds me the most of Ariana Grande's debut perfume Ari - my review is unintentionally almost the same! This also reminds me of another two Coty fragrances; Jennifer Lopez's LA Glow, which seems to have inspired Wild Glow as it is very similar to it.

My overall opinion of Mad Love is actually a bit higher than it is for Mad Potion, as it isn't quite as flat, and the longevity, whilst poor at around four/five hours, is still a bit better in comparison to the original. I'll give it some bonus points for reminding me of the discontinued  Kat Von D perfume Saint. This is a nice fragrance to give and/or receive as a gift, but I don't think it's worth buying for yourself - there are cheaper alternatives, that wear better.

As mentioned before; I'm not someone who usually likes giving ages to perfumes - if you like it then go ahead and wear it, who really cares about what name is on the bottle - but in this case, it's a very young fragrance. Like with Mad Potion, I just can't see Katy Perry herself actually wearing Mad Love; it is a fragrance that was made to appeal to younger fans and their piggy banks.

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