Friday, 8 July 2016

NOTD: Lets Jam by China Glaze...

Today we're looking at the shade in the Lite Brites collection that is becoming the most popular with bloggers, vloggers and reviewers on various cosmetics sites and boards.

I admit that when I saw swatches, Lets Jam was the shade I was most keen to get too. Hyped up things usually end up being a let-down - at least in my experience they do, anyway. 

So is this going to be a meh job? Lets find out...

Lets Jam is a bright lilac creme shade, with a delicate silvery blue shimmer, that is hard to see but adds a slight bluish purple flash to the formula.This shade is very bright, but I wouldn't label it as a neon; it's too light to have that glows-in-the-shadows quality that we've seen that some of the pink shades in the Lite Brites collection have.

The formula for this is a bit thinner then the other Lite Brites shades we've seen, but it doesn't run and it isn't patchy like I find other thin polishes to be. Two thicker coats or three thinner ones to be fully opaque, with no streaks or bubbles. 

[Sorry about the out-of-focus photo, but the shade photographs more accurately that way] 

The Lite Brites collection is new for summer 2016, and can be found on all online retailers.

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