Friday, 1 July 2016

Summer cleaning with Fresh Couture edt by Moschino...

I admit that my main motivation in buying Fresh Couture was because I wanted to display the bottle next to Moschino's other Jeremy Scott designed fragrance, Toy

Will this blind buy be a hit, or my latest miss?
Fresh Couture suits it's name and bottle design, as whilst the top and heart notes are fresh, clean and slightly retro in style, the base notes add warmth and depth to the fragrance as they develop,  making Fresh Couture seem a bit more on the dressier side the longer I wear it.

The fragrance opens with watery and slightly-sweet citrus and raspberry; a fresh and energising, yet soft and feminine mix. The florals start of on the sharp side, before becoming a more traditional powdery blend as they develop and settle. The bergamot, and what seems to be gardinia are the strongest florals on me at first, both of which are tart on my skin. After a few hours the peony and what I think is orange blossom overtake the tarter notes, softening and smoothing the fragrance.

After a few hours the lingering sweetness of the mandarin and raspberry, and the soft powered florals, begin to become creamy, heated and faintly sugared. I'm guessing that the creamy warmth is due to sandalwood and patchouli, and ambrox if reminiscent of amber, so combined with the lingering raspberry could explain the sugared feeling I get during the drydown.

Official scent notes: mandarin, bergamot, ylang-ylang, raspberry, white peony, osmanthus, clear woods, white patchouli and ambrox. 

Sadly I don't see Fresh Couture being around too long as most reviews on various fragrance sites tend towards the negative side [I personally think people are being rather snobbish in the majority of these reviews, commenting more on the bottle being modeled on a cleaning product, rather then commenting on the actual juice], so if it interests you get it sooner rather then later. 

I'm enjoying it enough, that I'm planning on getting a backup bottle.

30ml - £35
50ml - £50
100ml - £65

Larger Boots stores [or the site] sell Fresh Couture, as do other Moschino fragrance stockists.

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