Friday, 1 July 2016

New fragrance: Heat Seduction edt by Beyonce...

“Gazing upon you with her sensuous eyes. Enticing you with her alluring beauty. Get ready to be seduced.”

This month Beyonce launches her new edt Heat Seduction [entry 8 into the Heat fragrance range]. Coty describe Heat Seduction as a sensual, intoxicating and irresistible fragrance with key notes of exotic fruits, hypnotic flowers and carnal amber and resins. Coty have categorized the fragrance as a floriental blend, that opens with a blend of juicy fruit that includes dewberry, exotic island spice cocktail accords and mandarin. The flowers in the heart of the fragrance are centered around ginger orchid, African jungle orchid and freesia, before Heat Seduction dries down into a mix of warm golden amber, musk and natural labdanum. 

The key scent notes, and the fact that Heat Seduction is being called a floriental makes me think of the fragrance being along the same lines as Heat Midnight and Heat Kissed. But being an edt with a pure fruit opening, with a July release date, brings to mind Heat Rush. I'm not to sure how cold-weather scent notes will come across in a warm-weather concentration, and the Heat range hasn't blown me away, but I am curious about trying this out...

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