Friday, 4 March 2016

Another glimpse at Lite Brites; Summer 2016 nail polish collection by China Glaze...

Last month I found a not-very-good-quality promo photo of the new nail polish collection from China Glaze and posted it. 
That post has been popular, so I just wanted post post some better bottle pictures now that I've found some, to help people decide if this collection is worth looking into buying...

  • Hot Flash – shinning classic red
  • Bite Me – combination of orange and light pink
  • I’ll Pink to That – shimmering Barbie pink
  • Lip Smackin’ Good – muted pink
  • Papa Do Not Peach – neon orange-coral
  • Whip It Good – bright yellow
  • Lime After Lime – an acid-green light
  • I Got A Blue Attitude – blue-violet
  • What I Like About Blue – blue turquoise
  • Let’s Jam – lavender
  • We Got The Beat – bright purple
  • None of Your Risky Business – muted orange

  • China Glaze Lite Brite Summer 2016 Mini Collection (6 x 3.25 ml) contains: Whip It Good, Papa Don’t Peach, Ill Pink To That, We Got The Beat, We Got The Beat,  What I Like About Blue, I Got The Blue Attitude
  • China Glaze Lite Brite Summer 2016 Collection (6 x 14 ml) contains: Lip Smackin good, Bite Me, Ill pink to that, We got the beat, Let’s Jam & what I Like about Blue 

I can't wait until us UKers can get this collection, as I will be getting the full-sized 6 pack for sure. Maybe Papa Don't Peach too.

I've not been buying China Glaze [except one duo from TK Maxx] since I ordered 2015 Halloween collection from a US seller last July, even though the autumn, Christmas, and winter collections all looked really good. But this collection is really calling to me, so I'll be sure to make some purchases... 

Karina Kaboom swatch and review video.

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