Sunday, 3 May 2015

I found one!! My Sally Hansen Pacific Blue dupe by Miss Cop...

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In America and Canada you can still find bottles of the original Pacific Blue at the back of store displays, but as Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear line isn't officially sold in UK stores* us Brits can't rummage through store displays to try to find any remaining bottles of the older polish hiding amongst the newer ones.
*sometimes the odd bottle of Xtreme Wear turns up in Pound World & Pound Land.

As much as I love it I haven't been wearing my bottle of Pacific Blue as I don't want to use it up, so I'm always on the look out for a dupe that us Brits can buy so that I can feel free to wear my beloved colour whenever I feel like it. Well, that time is now...

Miss Cop is a French cosmetics company, whose products are sold on Amazon, which is where I bought my bottle of Electrique nail polish from. Based on the product picture I thought that I'd be getting a close match to Pacific Blue, but It turned out to be better than a "close match".

Read on to see swatches and comparison photos.

(L to R) Pacific Blue, Electrique

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The famous original Pacific Blue has a fantastic formula; it is not too thick nor too thin, is smooth to apply, and is a one coater polish (I'm wearing two coats in the photos, though I didn't need to)

It wears very well - just as well as Illamasqua, OPI, Nails INC etc.

Pacific Blue

Electrique is a smooth, streak-free two coater, and the coats dry quickly. The polish is right on the edge between needing one or two coats, so if you use thick coats when applying nail polish you might get away with using one coat.

This polish wears just as well as the Sally Hansen does on me.


You can buy Electrique from Amazon UK here for £1.22 [plus 80p  p&p]

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