Sunday, 10 May 2015

First impressions: Rocker Femme Fantasy edp by Britney Spears...

Inspired by Britney’s musical versatility and ability to cross genres, this new limited edition fragrance transforms fan favorite Fantasy into an enticing and provocative new fragrance. 
Elizabeth Arden are behind the Britney Spears fragrances, and they classify Rocker Femme Fantasy as a gourmand - fruity - oriental. The fragrance opens with sweet aromas of blackberry liqueur and coconut cream, and develops into flowers of violet, gardenia and jasmine at the heart of the perfume. Amber, musk, cashmere and vanilla linger in the drydown.
I've worn Fantasy since it was first released, and I still enjoy it now. I've also tried the various flankers through the years and liked most of those too (Circus Fantasy was the only one I really didn't like), so I was always going to test Rocker Femme Fantasy. But now I've been testing it, do I think that the Fantasy train has finally ran out of steam?

Rocker Femme Fantasy opens with fruity scents of berries and creamy coconut. The sweetly juicy fruits in the opening give the fragrance the same feel as the original Fantasy, although there is a definite difference in scent between the two.
I was surprised to learn that the starring floral note is gardenia as I usually find it quite a strong and bitter floral on my skin, whilst the florals here are soft and powdery sweet; they seem a bit similar to Beyonce's Heat Wild Orchid overall due to a slight 'fizzy' feel to them, so maybe orchid or other floral that is in that is in here too?  Patchouli begins to develop underneath the creamy fruit and powdered-yet-fizzy floral notes, giving the fragrance a bit of an darker edge and breaking up the sweetness a bit.
The creamy coconut lingers from the top notes all the way to the base, where it combines with a fresh hit of soft ambery vanilla, sandalwood, and mild musk, giving Rocker Femme Fantasy a lovely cocooning warmth that seems to whisper "come closer" to others like the original Fantasy does.

As I've mentioned before I love the original Fantasy, but suffer from migraines so am finding it harder to wear now. However this version removes the heavier sweetness of chocolate and cupcake, replacing them with a softer vanilla and coconut cream for the same comforting sweetness of the original Fantasy without  being quite as overpowering.
I can enjoy the appealing and comforting feel of my longtime favourite fragrance again without worrying about migraines and their accompanying dizzyness and nausea.
I'm now 31 so do think I'm getting a bit old for Fantasy, but I do think this version (and The Naughty Remix) retain enough elements to the original yet also do seem a bit 'older' in comparison, so I generally have felt more confident wearing it in comparison to the original version. So that is worth remembering for us over-25 Fantasy fans

50ml - £30
100ml - £40

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