Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Who can resist the allure of the Mystery Box? [getting 12 bottles of China Glaze nail polish for £11.99]

I had money left over from a Amazon gift card recently, so spent some spare time browsing the site's beauty section, where I found this deal by a third party seller - 12 full sized bottles of China Glaze nail polish for £11.99, with free shipping. 

Very tempting, but I wondered if the shades are picked totally at random, or if the seller has a certain lot of colours to pick from like in the main photo on the product page [shown above]* - the lack of information made the 'what if's' go through my mind; what if they're all dupes? What if my 12 are all based around the yellow, oranges, silvers, and puke green? What if I get all of the glitters that I'd wear once then forget about?    
*I emailed the seller about this, and they've since said that the colour selection is random.

I have loads of China Glaze polishes already, but getting 2 or 3 dupes won't really bother me at that low price; I only really need to get two new-to-me bottles I like the look of to get my £12 worth, so anything else is a bonus. With that thought in mind I placed an order as Amazon UK & it's 3rd party sellers change their prices on polishes almost daily, and I didn't want to miss out on this bargain...

I ordered my set on a Thursday evening and my box arrived the following Monday, which was a nice surprise as I assumed that I'd have to wait seeing as it was free shipping. Anyway, let's get on to the important stuff; in my pack of twelve polishes I received [drumroll]...

... 0 dupes. 0 as in zero, none, nada. Another nice surprise, since, as I said, I own loads of China Glaze polishes (I don't want to count how many as I'd upset myself). And now I'll stop going on with myself, and show you what you want to see.

Tarnished Gold; Crackle Metals collection, summer 2011
Fault Line; Crackle Glaze collection, spring 2011
Crushed Candy; Crackle Glaze collection, spring 2011

Three of my mixed bundle polishes are Crackle polishes which I'm not wowed by - I do sometimes wear them, but overall think that three bottles is going to prove to be too excessive for my tastes. I do love the look of the blue one and am already planning on wearing it over a yellow polish I have. And I'm a sucker for purple polish too, so the Crackle shades aren't a absolute letdown, but I defineatly would have rather gotten just the blue crackle and other stuff instead of the purple and gold crackles.

(The darker glitters are fuchsia, my camera refuses to capture them properly)

I'm A Go-Glitter; Surprise collection, s/s 2014 
Glimmer More; Surprise collection, s/s 2014 

Only two of the polishes are glitters, and they're not overly blingy, which pleased me. I do like a pretty glitter to brighten things up now and then, but mostly I go for quick  and easy one-bottle mani's, so just two bottles of topper glitter is great for my tastes - and bonus because they're both pink glitters [when I go girlie I go full-on girlie].

My mix is mainly made up of opaque polishes. I'm not a fan of yellowly green, but, aside from that one polish, every other shade is stuff I'll happily wear in a mix of creme, shimmer, frost and metallic finishes.

Budding Romance; Avant garden collection, spring 2013
Life Preserver; Anchors Away collection, spring 2011
Isle See You Later; Sunsational collection, summer 2013

First Mate; Anchors Away collection, spring 2011
Public Relations; Autumn Nights collection, autumn 2013
Elfin Around [it is a rust red metallic, but it freaked my camera out and wouldn't photograph]; Happy Holiglaze collection, winter 2013
Stroll; Retro Diva collection, autumn 2009

So in the end I have 9 lovely polishes for around £1.33 each, plus three bottles to give to people instead of Easter eggs. As I only really need to get two new-to-me bottles that I like the look of to get my £12 worth, I'm thinking of pushing my luck and buying another box as any dupes I get can be used as birthday and Christmas presents for people* 

I highly recommend that fans of China Glaze nail polish try this offer out - as well as getting lovely polishes for yourself, you  are basically getting free stocking stuffers to give to family and friends.

*I've since done just that, so look for a blog post about it in the coming days
I'm using three coats of OPI's Cream In My Coffee
 (it's a renamed edition of NOPI Others Pale By Kim-parison) 
underneath the crackles and glitters.

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