Thursday, 5 March 2015

Perfect potion? Lash Potion Mascara by Revlon...

Revlon makes my favourite foundations (Photoready & Nearly Naked). In addition I also love their Photoready primer, their Nearly Naked pressed powder, their Gel Envy Diamond topcoat, and their crayon lipstick/balm/stains. So I felt that it was time for me to branch out in their brand a bit and see how some of their other products work for me...

First up is a product that I wear every time I apply makeup... A mascara. I got this one just because I liked the name and packaging design.

Were my first Impressions on the money, so to speak?

The formula for Lash Potion mascara is pretty good if you prefer volume over length; there's lots of volume, hardly any clumps, and rich colour. I also like the design of the brush - the bristles were longer on one half of the standard shape brush, which was great for fanning out my lashes [I used the shorter bristles on my lower lashes]. 

I average at 12 hours wear per day and the mascara has never flaked or smudged on me, yet it is easy to remove.

On the minus side; I didn't like the minimal lash lengthening, and that this mascara can't hold any curl.Also there is the fact that this mascara was designed around the gimmick of containing lash growing serum, but I have failed to notice any difference in the appearance to my natural lashes after repeated of this mascara - no growth, no improvement in condition etc.

There's not else much to say for Lash Potion - it's not a bad mascara by any means, it's just not one that stood out for me. I don't feel as though I can recommend this product to anybody at the end of the day, as there are many mascaras at this price point that perform better in my opinion.


Revlon Lash Potion mascara costs £9.99, and is available wherever Revlon cosmetics are sold.

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