Saturday, 14 February 2015

NOTD: Bearest Of Them All by OPI, over Sloane Sreet by Nails inc...

So Valentine's Day...
For that classic Valentine look on my nails should I go for red or pink? How about something with heart-shaped glitter in? Should I try to be clever and combine all three elements?

I picked out half a dozen different polishes for my traditional mani, but I then narrowed it down by using polishes that are still readily available cheaply online - and I've also provided links for you to use.

Lets see how well the image that was in my head turned out on my nails...

Sloane Street is a bright Barbie shade of pink, with a formula that straddles the line between jelly and creme. This is a cheerful shade, that is nice to wear any time of year.This is really smooth and bubble/streak free to apply. It's nice, but I wouldn't buy it again because the formula is very sheer; I can still see vnl after applying 3 coats. I don't mind vnl so usually just wear two coats when I wear this polish [I am in the pics], but overall for a 3+ coater I'd much rather have a full on jelly polish, rather then a middle-of-the-road one.

You can buy Sloane Sreet through the Nails inc site alone for £6, or as part of a few sets [I got it in the 7 Nights set, which is very good value - £10 for seven full-sized bottles ]. It is also sold by several third-party sellers on Amazon, from only £5.


I've already talked about the OPI/Coca-Cola Christmas 2014 glitter topper Bearest Of Them All [sold as half of the This Bear's Got Flair set - which also includes a small plush polar bear ornament] on this blog before, but I want to show you that it's not just a Christmas polish...

Sites like Nail Polish Direct and Amazon still stock the Bearest Of Them All set for just under £10. Bargain.

Stanley; my co-model for the day

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