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Sweet, like chocolate (a deeper look at the I ❤️Chocolate palette by I❤️Makeup)...

Step aside; there's a new cowboy in town...

As I mentioned in my last I ❤️ Makeup palette review, I don't live near any stores big enough to stock Too Faced cosmetics, and I'm not fond of buying makeup online. This means that I've never gotten around to buying their Chocolate Bar palette, despite drooling over photos, blog posts etc.

However, when I was browsing their makeup display, I saw that I  ❤️ Makeup have released their own version of the Chocolate Bar palette called I   ❤️ Chocolate. So I naturally bought it, and have been taking photographs over the past few months as I've been trying out various colour combinations, so other people can follow me and decide if it's worth investing in as a last-minute stocking stuffer... 

I think that the strongest plus point here is that the palette contains everything for a complete eye look; there is a good variety of finishes in this palette; matte, satiny shimmers, a few shimmers with more obvious glitter specks in, and two softer highlight shades. I dislike doing a three-shadow-or-more look when all of the shadows have the same finish to them, but sometimes I'm too lazy or in a rush to bother digging out additional shadows or palettes, so don't want to dig out more then one palette when getting ready. That's not a issue here. I also really like that most of the shades are 'everyday' neutral shades, with a couple of  'fun' shades for dressing things up. I think that this shade combination makes this a palette that can be used every day.

Quality wise; the pigmentation of the shadows is very good for the price, and the shadows are all easy to blend. Even without a primer these will last most of the day without creasing. Oh yes - the shadows smell like chocolate, like the ones in the Too Faced palette.

The only downside to these shadows I've found is that the darker shades do have a bit of fallout when I blend with them. It's not much and I've found it easily removable, but as I don't have this issue my other  I❤️Makeup shadow palette, I thought this was worth mentioning.


I began by applying Meet Chocolate over the entire lid, and into the crease. I then smudged What A Way To Go on outer half of the lid, and into the outer half of my crease - applying burgundy over light pink really brings the purpleley red undertones out. I then applied You Need Love with a fluffy brush to neaten the space between my outer crease edges & brow.

I kept it simple and just applied Unforgivable under my lower lash line. I went over the line a few times to deepen the colour out.


I went for a autumny colour combination here with Chocolate Love on the inner two thirds of lid, and You Need More on the outer third. I blended Thank Friday into the crease, and blended it out towards the browbone. I used a damp brush to apply You Need More as a liner to my lashline, and I then applied You Need Love with a fluffy brush to neaten the space between my outer crease edges & brow.

I used Chocolate Love under inner half of lower lash line, and then I used You Need More for the outer half.


I wanted a simple and quick look here, so used One More Piece over the lid and Pleasure Girl in the crease. Then, as I can't quit when ahead, I applied Love Devine in the outer corner and blended it outwards, to form a dramatic wing with it. I then applied You Need Love with a fluffy brush to neaten the space between my outer crease edges & brow. Finally; I used Avon's Always On Point pencil liner, and then went over it with the lid cover to soften it out a bit.

I lined the inner third of my lower lashes with One More Piece, the inner third with Pleasure Girl, and the outer third with Love Devine - which I drew out to connect with the outer V and wing. However I then decided that the results looked to busy, so I smudged the shadows together as much alas I could.


I started this look of by lining my lashline with a black pencil liner before covering it using Piece Me Together on the lid, to just leave a faint shadow of the liner behind to deepen the lashline. Next I used the shade Stolen Chocolate in the crease. I then decided to give this look a hint of colour by blending Unforgivable immediatly above the crease shade, so that the two shadows began to merge together - I'm not sure if you can really tell in the photos, but a hint of purple caught the light every now and then for a pretty effect in real life.

I used the combination of shadows on my bottom lashline too - Stolen Chocolate first, then Unforgiveable over it.


For this simple look I just used Thank Friday, on my lids and blended it into the crease. I then used a liner brush to cut my crease with One More Piece, and then dabbing a pencil brush into the shadow & softening the sharp arch out a bit for a softer, more casual effect. I then used One More Piece to line the lower lashline, and I kicked the line out slightly at the outer edge, but left a slight gap between the upper and lower lines.

To finish; I used You Need Love between my creasline and eyebrow to neaten everything out. 


I started by using Love Divine all over my lids, and applying Pleasure Girl in the crease. Then, to add more colour, I applied What A Way To Go above the first crease and blended it upwards towards my brow - as the colour fades with blending the purple/red undertones really come out more. I started to line my eyes with a black kohl, but it snapped and I couldn't find my sharpener, so I went over my semi-line with more of the lid shade. In real life you could only see a faint shadow were the liner is. I then applied Stolen Chocolate to the outer V of my lids, exaggerating the shape to elongate the size of my eyes. I then used You Need Love as a highlight.

I first applied You Need More under my lower lashes, and then added more depth to the outer half by applying Stolen Chocolate over this.


 I applied More! into my Crease and outer corner of my lid, and then applied Chocolate Love to the rest of my lid. I then used a damp liner brush to line my lashes with Love Divine. I finished my upper eye look with my new favourite highlight shade You Need Love with a fluffy brush.

[Again with a damp liner brush] I lined my lower lashes with Chocolate Love, then went over the outer third with Love Divine.


I ❤️ Makeup have two palettes (Makeup Geek & I ❤️ Sin) which contain shades that are similar to the ones in Urban Decay's Electric palette, so one of those palettes might be fun to explore; I won't spend the money on the Electric palette as I wouldn't use it often enough to justify the cost, but spending £8 on a palette which has more shadows in (some of them tame, neutral 'everyday' type shades) is something that I'll be willing to part with my money for...

Also; they make a different chocolate bar-type palette, Death By Chocolate, which has more dramatic shades in it compared to this version, which I also suddenly want based on the quality and value of this one.

To be continued...

The 'I ❤️ Chocolate' palette is £7.99
I ❤️ Makeup cosmetics are sold in Superdrug stores in the UK.

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