Monday, 1 December 2014

NOTD: Bearest Of Them All over Christmas Gone Plaid by OPI...

Most of my festive nail polishes are from 2008 to 2012, so I wanted to post a quickie review and (iffy) swatches for this combo I recently wore, as the polishes are both from this year's OPI Holiday collections...

Christmas Gone Plaid is part of OPI's Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 polish collection, and it is a Hunter green creme shade. I love this shade as not only is it festive, but it can also be worn the rest of the year too. 

True its not the most original shade out there but the pigmentation and the formula are the best out of all the similar shades that I've tried; the polish is really smooth and bubble/streak free to apply, the colour is very rich - it is very nearly a one coater; there are sometimes one or two thin spots with one coat on me, but I'm sure that someone that is better at pointing their nails can get away with just the one coat. Plus the polish dries quickly. 

OPI polishes will last me anywhere between two to four days with only minimal wear. But as I'm a self powered wheelchair user I'm tough on my hands and am always catching my nails, so I can't really speak for how long lasting the formula is overall.

Bearest Of Them All is part of the OPI/Coca-Cola Holiday 2014 gift range, and is sold as half of the This Bear's Got Flair set (the set also includes a small plush polar bear ornament). The polish is a mix of tiny matte white and slightly larger matte red circular glitter flecks in a clear base, with is made a bit more special by having matte white heart shaped glitter pieces scattered throughout the mix too.

The circular glitter applies fairly evenly & smoothly, and the base is quick to dry too. The heart shaped particles are bigger [therefore heavier] then the other pieces of glitter, so getting the brush to pick up the pieces is a bit of hit or miss fishing expedition, but it looked lovely when I took the time to do it.

finally: I was really delighted to find that this topper added two days to the life of my manicure.


You can buy these products in salons, Sally Beauty Supply stores, or though your preferred retail website (such as Amazon), but I've linked to Nail Polish Direct as [at the time of writing this] they offer the lowest prices and free UK shipping.

Order Christmas Gone Plaid here for £7.95.
Order the This Bear's Got Flair giftset here for £10.95.

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