Tuesday, 4 November 2014

First Impressions: StormFlower edp by Cheryl [Tweedy, Cole, Fernandez-Versini]...

I wanted to try Storm Flower as Cheryl has mentioned in many interviews over the past several years her love of perfume, and how important her scent memory is to her. 

I assumed these things would mean that she would put a bit of effort into creating something adult and a bit more original then what is considered the norm in the world of 'celeb scents'...

I've tested Storm Flower several times now, but still can't think of much to say for it; it is the mandarin and peach that stands out more on me, and the 'fizzy' zing to them is very similar to the mandarin and peach in Paris Hilton Heiress.

In fact for a perfume whose name and official press release emphasizes the floral notes I struggle to separate any from the strong fruit notes. I get the listed freesia, but can't pick anything else from the laundry detergent undertone that develops alongside the floral notes. Laundry detergent? I'm not sure what it is, maybe cleaner floral notes, such as orange flower or neroli, but the sharpness triggered my migraines. Kim Kardashian Glam has a similar effect on me.

The base is the biggest letdown for me; the whole musk/sandalwood/vanilla base combination has been flogged to death and beyond in lower cost fragrance. Can we have something a little bit different please? [pick a Kylie perfume release, any Kylie release].

Scent notes; mandarin, nectar, freesia, peach blossom, vanilla, white musk and sandalwood.

Longevity is pretty good for the price; a seven hour average.

Storm Flower isn't awful, but it is totally unoriginal and is 'tweeny' smelling; I can't see Cheryl wearing it - it seems like it was only made to appeal to her young fan base (and their wallets).

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