Wednesday, 12 November 2014

First impressions; Premiere Luxe edp by Avon...

"Decadent blackcurrant and luxurious white florals mingle with amber for a dramatic, long lasting finish"

If La Vie Est Belle and Nicole Richie's self named perfume had a baby, then that bundle of joy would be named Premiere Luxe... 

It isn't a very unique fragrance, but it is nicely structured, and has very good longevity for the low price. plus the bottle has a classic vintage feel to it.

Premiere Luxe has taken the good parts of it's main two scent-a-likes and removed what I think of as the harsher elements; it has taken the distinct powdery florals (I think that there may be some iris here too) and creamy praline-lead base from La Vie Est Belle, whilst not being so in-your-face overpowering and intrusive with the notes. From Nicole it has similar realistic not-too-sweet berry notes on a bed of sandalwood and sweetened patchouli, but the florals in Premiere Luxe aren't as smothered by the energetic clash of the fruits and patchouli as they are in Nicole.

The official list of scent notes include top notes of black currant, pomegranate and grapefruit. The middle notes are centered around magnolia, gardenia and jasmine. The warm and comforting base notes focus on sandalwood, patchouli and praline.

Avon UK has just launched a flanker for this perfume; Premiere Luxe Gold Blush, which I'm now keen to get based on the quality of this.

You can buy the Christmas giftset here for £14, which contains the 50ml edp, a 10ml edp purse spray, and a full-sized Luxe mascara.
This is what I bought as I was interested in trying the Luxe mascara as it is meant to contain black diamond powder, and I want to find out what that does, if anything, to my lashes. So that's another future review sorted...

You can buy the perfume alone here; it is currently £10 (I believe that the usual price is £16).

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