Sunday, 10 August 2014

Party poppers: the Pop Top collection by China Glaze...‏

China Glaze reveals a surprise new release for the new season; the Pop Top Fall 2014 Collection which features eight shades of polish and two sets. There are two shades with an opaque finish - one in dark burgundy red and the other one in white - whilst the other shades are glitters which are meant to give you a pop of color and are designed to be applied on top of the opaque polishes.

  • Heart of Africa: Shimmering deep red
  • White on White: Crisp white crème
  • Pizzazz: Twinkling multi-dimensional glitter blend
  • Fairy Dust: Delicate silver sparkle topcoat
  • Luxe & Lush: A high octane flaky topcoat
  • Your Present Required: Multi-sized and multi-colored glitter
  • I Pink I Can: Multi-sized pink glitter
  • Techno: Glitter confetti polish

[Credit: Chic Profile]

Sigh. At first glance I was all excited - another new range by China Glaze. Yippee. But a closer look at it deflated my excitement... 

The two opaque shades and the Fairy Dust glitter have been so readily available for years that I think they're actually core shades for the brand, and the other five glitters are repromoted shades from past China Glaze collections.

It's a good chance for you to pick up on the previously-hard-to-find Pizzazz (Christmas 2012) and I Pink I Can (Breast cancer awareness month 2013), but I don't think the other three shades [Luxe & Lush (The Hunger Games), Your Present Required (Christmas 2013), and Techno (Electropop collection)] were overly hard to find at very reasonable prices anyway, so I don't think that they really need rereleasing at this point in time. In fact Your Present Required was so recent that every retail site sells it really cheaply to get rid of it.


Overall: this collection seems like a missed opportunity to me. I like the idea of bringing back old shades for another limited run and there are many rare glitter shades in China Glaze's back catalogue, so this range could have flown from the shelves if they had made a better selection. It's a bit annoying for me because I spent months looking out for past Xmas releases online, and when I finally found Pizzazz on eBay at a low price last summer I thought I'd found a rare treasure. D'oh. 

The only ones that I don't have and think are pretty are Lush & Luxe and I Pink I Can, but the former looks very similar in photos to China Glaze's Make A Spectical which I already own, whilst the latter reminds me of Ciate's Serendipity which I also own. Therefore I'll give this collection a miss, as I own the exact shades or similar ones already.

The Pop Top range is released this month. In fact I saw the sets on Amazon UK a few days ago.

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