Saturday, 23 August 2014

First impressions: Far Away Gold by Avon...

Far Away is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. First introduced in 1994, it has been Avon's #1 best-selling fragrance worldwide for many years. An astounding 1500+ bottles of this intoxicating sweet floral are sold every hour around the world. 

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of this beautiful classic, Avon announces a special edition, Far Away Gold.

Avon approached perfumer Calice Becker, herself an admirer of the original, to create the new limited edition. Becker notes, "To me the original Far Away fragrance is timeless, addictive and embodies perfect femininity." Becker has composed a luxurious new take on the fragrance, one that she hopes will "transport you from an exotic lush floral garden to sun-drenched beach lavished in gold."

Becker built the new limited edition Far Away Gold around the signature notes that are key to the original Far Away fragrance, with new precious, rare ingredients that take the fragrance to the next level. Ylang-ylang, sustainably harvested from the Comoros Islands, provides a luxurious floral facet. Jasmine from India captures the spirit of the radiant top notes of the original. Sustainably-harvested Madagascar vanilla completes the fragrance with a sweet and creamy touch. 

The fragrance also features peach, orange, freesia, amber, coconut, musk and sandalwood.

So far I've found Far Away Gold to be very similar to the original Far Away, with the main difference on me being that the floral notes are lighter in this edition and just a bit less powdery. The vanilla seems a little bit more developed on me, which makes the fragrance creamier and a bit sweeter then the original edition too. 

I can't wear the original Far Away as I find it too strong and overpowering which sets off my migraines, but this edition is softer and much easier to wear. It's still long lasting and has a strong throw, but seems less harsh and "love it or hate it" to me, if that makes sense.

I'll review it after I've worn it more, but I think I'll save the rest of the bottle until the autumn as the fragrance is very warming and cocooning like the original edition, so it's bit too full on for me now.

Far Away Gold is sold in 50ml bottles for £13, and is available through a door-to-door Avon representative or through their site here.

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