Wednesday, 1 January 2014

NOTD: Lorelei's Tiara by China Glaze...


Wowza - the glitter in Lorelei's Tiara is just insane.

This shade was part of China Glaze's Eye Candy 3-D Glitters Collection, and  there is so much silver glitter here that the polish is opaque in two coats, and the lighter spattering of the blue glitter particles are evenly distributed, every single time. It looks like my nails have been wrapped in foil - I can't stop staring at my hands whenever I wear it.


Despite the heavy amounts of glitter this polish is easy to apply, leaving no bubbles or streaks and I was impressed with the drying time. Being a glitter bomb it does take a little bit more effort to remove, but it seems easier then my other glitter-heavy polishes.

Even without using a top coat this polish will last me around two/three days with only minimal wear; but I am tough on my hands and regularly bang & catch my nails (self powered wheelchair user), so it will probably last longer on other people.


Lorelei's Tiara is still available to buy from Amazon UK, for £3.99 [plus £1.99 p+p].

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