Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Continuing my hair colour journey; Schwarzkopf Color Mask in Light Brown [600]...


As you may know, I used a different shade of Color Mask dye [Dark Blonde - 700] on my hair a while ago, but found out that when it came time to touch up the roots, the results where slightly uneven. However I did like the product's formula, so I picked a darker shade, took a deep breath and redyed my hair....

The main selling point of Schwarzkopf's Color Mask hair dye range is that the formula of the dye is like a conditioning mask; it has a thick formula, so you apply it to your hair using your hands so it gets right to the hair roots, and there are no drips. Was the application that easy, and was it mess-free? Yes, and yes again. Plus the dye was super easy to rinse from my hair, using only water.


Success! I've now been using the Light Brown shade for 6 months and it is almost exactly the same shade of honey tinged brown as that on the box's model. Any colour fade is minimal, I can go over two months between top ups, as the formula is so fade resistant. And my roots [ash blonde/brown] dye the same shade as the rest of my hair.

I started to go grey in my teens and this has perfectly blended them away, which is a first; I've found that dyes typically colour the grey hairs slightly lighter. Overall; I'm very impressed with my chosen shade,  and with the Color Mask formula.

Color Mask costs £6.49 in Boots, Superdrug, Asda, and Sainsburys.

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