Sunday, 9 June 2013

OPI swatches and other pics galore: the San Fransico collection, Breast Cancer Awareness 2013, Halloween 2013 and the Mariah Carey Holiday colection 2013...

The other day I came across a blog, where the author wrote about how she attended a OPI promotional event. Even better then the telling, she also showed :) That's right; this blog has photos of displays and/or swatches for every upcoming OPI collection for the rest of 2013. I'm just linking to the relevant blog post, because I just don't feel comfortable using the blog owner's exclusive photos.

I personally was totally underwhelmed by the Halloween 2013 swatches, as yellow, orange and green are my three least favourite nail polish colours. Yeah - green and orange are Halloween colours, so I don't know I expected.  China Glaze does my favourite Halloween releases anyway, so hope is not yet lost.

The Christmas collection made up for the Halloween one and then some; the Mariah Carey Holiday Collection has a whopping 12 crème, glitter and jelly shades, 6 liquid sand shades, PLUS a gold and silver leaf topcoat. Check out the swatches, you will drool..

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