Tuesday, 11 June 2013

First glimpse of the China Glaze Halloween 2013 collection: Monsters Ball

After finding photos of OPIs Halloween and Christmas collections online, I've been looking for photos of the China Glaze collections and have found a single, copyrighted photo of the upcoming Halloween 2013 display here.

China Glaze tend to have original shades for their Halloween collections [whereas brands like OPI are prone to re-releasing preexisting shades under new names], so I've been looking forward to seeing pics.

I'm not totally sure what to think of the Monsters Ball collection yet; their Ghoulish Glow [glow in the dark] topcoat is back, there will be a black texture polish, whist the other shades all seem to be glitters [green, blue, purple and a sliver/orange combo].

Monsters Ball is much more interesting to look at then the OPI collection, but [based on the photo] the glitter shades look very similar to the ones in China Glaze's Halloween 2010 and 2012 collections.

Hopefully China Glaze will release swatch pics soon, so that I can get a better look of what is on offer. But, at the minute, the only thing I want is the Ghoulish Glow as I missed out on it last year. Oh well, fingers crossed for the Christmas ranges...

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