Friday, 1 February 2013

Kylie does Mariah Carey; Music Box edp by Kylie Minogue...

On first application the fragrance is sugary sweet thanks to the berries. I can't detect any bergamot, so I find the first five to ten minutes of MUSIC BOX to be far too sweet and cloying.

A touch of the fruit carries down into the heart, so there always remains a sweet undertone to everything. I'm not overjoyed by the floral notes; they are clean and airy, but they never seem to develop fully. In fact the only floral note I can place with any certainty is the watery rose, which gets lost in the jumble fairly quickly. As other reviewers have noted, the clean and airy floral mix is reminiscent of laundry detergent.

The base is the biggest letdown for me; Coty/Kylie have flogged whole musk/sandalwood/amber base to death and beyond. Can we have something a little bit different please?

Everyone repeat after me; as this is a Kylie/Coty collaboration it's no surprise that the staying power is poor, even for a cheaply produced, mass market release. After only two or three hours, I struggle to get more then a brief whiff of sandalwood.

I used to love Kylie, so I make a point of sampling every single Kylie perfume [sometimes even blind buying online]. Unfortunately I've been disappointed every time and MUSIC BOX is sadly no different. It's not awful, but it is obviously cheap and boring.

I'm actually surprised that Coty are still releasing Kylie Minogue branded perfumes to be honest; most stores only stock the latest releases by her. And that is only for a few months, then they are reduced to clear and vanish. They really need to step up their game, if they want the line to survive.

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