Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Go to Paradise with Yankee; Paradise spice candles.

PARADISE SPICE is one of Yankee's five new spring 2013 fragrances, and is described as "an exotic island treasure...perfectly ripe banana and creamy vanilla, unexpectedly spiced with prized cinnamon and cloves". There's not much more that I can add to that, just that the spices are very mild and the banana is stronger then the vanilla, so the fragrance isn't too sweet and cloying.

As with all Yankee candles, the entirety of the wax is perfumed; I've used some candles where the fragrance burns up before the candle does, but that is not the case here. The fragrance lasts as long as the candle does and is strong enough to travel over the house. I even catch occasional wafts of the perfume whilst the candle is unlit. I've found that the tarts and tea lights throw off a stronger scent than the candles, so I think that they are the better buys.

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