Tuesday, 6 November 2012

It's a Glam slam... Review of Glam by Kim Kardashian...

"I can tell where I was in life when I made each perfume. Every fragrance means something different to me. My personality and my mood was light and fun [this time around] and I can see that [in Glam]. It's a little bit more electric [than the others]. It's the most energetic." - Kim Kardashian 

I guess that Kim Kardashian definitely loves her some tuberose, because at it's core GLAM is basically the same as her self named debut perfume; it is a floral jumble and the only individual floral note strong enough to stand out individually is the tuberose and, only some of the time, the jasmine. The bitter floral jumble is so powerful that it hides almost everything else that the perfume has to offer.

The fragrance is one dimensional and boring, with very little difference between the top, heart and base; There was a short lived burst of lemon in the opening, then a laundry detergent undertone develops quite quickly, and finally the musk note develops and joins in the mess [I'm not a fan of musk, so that is something else I could do without].

Laundry detergent? I'm not sure what it is, maybe the water melon combined with clean floral notes, such as orange flower, lily or neroli. The individual notes are too closely mixed together to separate and the soapy mix hides the berries, orris and wood notes, so GLAM is rather cold. Considering that GLAM applies strongly, the poor longevity surprised me. It averages between four and five hours,which, considering the impressive longevity of both Kim Kardashian and Gold, is poor.

The fruit is almost non-existent and I can't detect any of the creamier notes, so there is nothing in GLAM to point to warm or cold weather wear. The only time I'd say that this wouldn't be a good idea is on hotter days; the tuberose is too heavy and is likely to give you a headache.

I wouldn't know when to wear GLAM. I think that it is too invasive for casual or work wear. I don't know anyone who actually likes it, so I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing in public, so that rules out evening wear or any other special occasions too.

Official scent notes: Watermelon, juicy red berries, citrus, star jasmine, tuberose, rose absolute, orris butter, sandalwood and musk.

A little while ago I put up my initial notes and overall thoughts about Beyonce's latest release, Midnight Heat [full review on it's way], on a perfume website and added that I would probably buy a bottle as a birthday present for myself. A lovely woman in Canada read my post and sent me a message, offering to send me her unwanted bottle of Midnight Heat. I wasn't sure if it would turn out to be someone just trolling for money, but now I feel really guilty for doubting her; less then a week after I sent P+P through Paypal a parcel arrived at my door, not only containing a 100ml bottle of Midnight Heat, a necklace and other perfume samples from Chanel, Nina Ricci and Kenzo, but she also included a 30ml bottle of Kim Kardashian GLAM...

Larger branches of The Perfume Shop may also still sell Kim Kardashian perfumes, but a quick look in my local branch revealed that it no longer carries them. Amazon and other online perfume retailers still stock this.

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