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Heat: The nighttime edition... Review of Midnight Heat EDP by Beyonce

"For Beyoncé, fragrance is an essential accessory to highlight your inner radiance, confidence and sex appeal. Midnight Heat is the ultimate evening scent, sensual and enticing with just a hint of mystery." - Official Beyonce Website []

Plum seems to be popping up in a lot of mainstream perfume now, and MIDNIGHT HEAT opens with a dark and rich plum note. Whilst I know it's meant to be star fruit, there is a hint of what smells to me like raspberry. There is also some fig mingled in amongst the other fruit, too. The plum note is much stronger on me then the other fruit notes, so carries down to the perfume's heart and base.

I'm not able to separate any floral notes apart from a hint of rose and the peony from the sweetly powdered floral jumble heart of the fragrance, as the patchouli develops quickly and lasts for the duration of the perfume. What I think is meant to be the orchid is slightly spicy vanilla, that makes me think 'Turkish Delight'. The mix of earthy patchouli, powdery florals and rich fruits is very curious; the structure of everything here doesn't really go together on me, but the blend seems lively, and it all works together somehow.

There is no strong indication between the heart notes and the base, thanks to the constant presence of the plum and patchouli, that seems stronger then any of the other key scent notes [on me, anyway]. The sandalwood and amber are mingled closely together so it is a warm and creamy mix, that is again similar to the heart notes.

Official scent notes: plum, star fruit, orchid, black tulips, purple peony, warm amber, sandalwood and patchouli.

MIDNIGHT HEAT has better longevity then the earlier Coty/Beyonce releases; a six hour average on me. It's still not amazingly great overall - but it is very good for the price. And at least we're getting some improvement, in term of longevity, as the brand continues, unlike most of the other Coty ranges [I'm looking straight at you Kylie].

I prefer wearing this in colder weather, as the clashing scent notes are more apparent at this time of year. But considering that MIDNIGHT HEAT has some strong keynotes and a sweet drydown, it hasn't become sickly or cloying in the brief patches of mildly warmer weather we've had since I've had my bottle. However I wouldn't wear it on hot days, as I've found patchouli to be a smothering and overpowering scent.

MIDNIGHT HEAT was made as the evening wear edition of Heat, but I can comfortably wear it whenever I want [during the day, casually and for work] - over these colder months anyway, as although it is a noticeable fragrance I don't find it cloying or irritating to wear, and other people like it too, so I don't feel that it is invasive to others. In summer I think that I'd stick to using it for special occasions though, as I find it to be a bit of a statement fragrance and a bit too much for day to day wear.


I haven't been impressed by the regular Heat range [Heat Ultimate Elixir is great], so only came across MIDNIGHT HEAT as my sister loves it. I wouldn't say that I love it too, but I find the clashing scent notes make this perfume addictive, as I keep wearing it, I love the feel of the different notes repelling each other.

A lovely lady in Canada sent me her unwanted bottle and I've been wearing it non-stop for the past few months, whilst I've been touching up my original review, and so far, so good. I normally dislike strong patchouli notes in fragrances, but MIDNIGHT HEAT hasn't left me with my usual migraine that normally pop up after wearing patchouli-heavy perfumes. So even if patchouli is something that you avoid, I'd still recommend trying this out.

Gift-wise: MIDNIGHT HEAT is like a mix of Heat and Heat Rush, so if someone like those perfumes then there is a good chance that they'll like this too. The only thing I'd say, is that MIDNIGHT HEAT is an older fragrance then the other two releases, so younger teens may find it to be a bit too much.


30ml: £23.50
50ml: £30
100ml: £37

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