Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dazzle me again; a review of Dazzling Darling EDT by Kylie Minogue...

Rating: 2/5 starsAdvantages: Ageless, suitable all year round,
Disadvantages: doesn't last, availability, unoriginal.

DAZZLING DARLING is the fourth edition to the Coty/Kylie Minogue Darling range of fragrances [it follows Darling, Sweet Darling and Sexy Darling] and was her tenth fragrance overall.

On first application the fragrance is all about the pepper, which lightly heats things up and gives the perfume a sharp, spicy bite [if this effect didn't die down almost immediately I'd be following the review opening with loads of gushing praise]. There's also a light, sweet jammy note that I'm guessing is the acai berry, but it doesn't smell like acai at all to me and it doesn't last long enough to place.

We quickly move on to the floral notes; they are at the usual Coty/Kylie Minogue standard of watery and undeveloped. I can pick up on a hint of rose, whilst everything else is lost in a undefinable mush. I like rose, but as that's the only note to stand out it falls on the dull side.

The base is the biggest letdown for me as it's once again just the standard Coty/Kylie Minogue sandalwood and a breeze of musk mix. They've flogged the whole musk/sandalwood base to death, reanimated it and then beat it down all over again. Surely it's tie to branch out a bit? 

Official scent notes: Red pepper, acai berry, violet, rose, passion flower, orris root, sandalwood, cashmere and musk. 

I feel as though I'm just repeating myself when it comes to the Coty/Kylie Minogue range. Kylie's people say that this took over a year to develop, but I'm having trouble believing that, since all of her fragrance releases all seem to follow the same old blueprint: a mix of fruit, underdeveloped florals and a musk infused base and are designed to be generically pleasant, instead of anyone attempting to be different.

We all know what's coming next; this is a Kylie/Coty collaboration, so it's no surprise that the staying power is poor - but this is the worst one yet by far and wears as through it were a body spray. Honestly, the fragrance burns down within an hour [and don't think that I'm exaggerating].

I think that this is best suited to use for day wear, as it's so mild. On paper it sounds like a evening fragrance, but I want something long lasting and a bit stronger then daytime perfumes for night wear and this doesn't come close to delivering.

I think that it smells similar to Pop Pink Sparkle, but Pop Pink Sparkle is better overall - and I didn't love that release either.

As DAZZLING DARLING is very mild, there isn't anything disagreeable about it and it is wearable for women of any age, it makes a safe gift choice. However the only way I'd recommend this as a gift is if you are able to find the gift set, so the perfume can be layered over the fragranced body lotion. Plus, the 30ml bottle is cheaper in the set.

30ml: £21
50ml: £28

It's only been one year since the release of DAZZLING DARLING, but the 50ml bottles are already hard to find on the highstreet. However I did notice that Asda sells the 30ml bottles for only £9.

Stores such as Boots and Superdrug also sell the bottle for much less then the RRP.


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