Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Rumour mill: Is there a Project D cosmetics line in the works?

Australian singer/actress/designer/X Factor judge Dannii Minogue has become a popular style icon over the past year or so and you may have seen the recent ITV2 three part reality show - Dannii Minogue: Style Queen - that filmed the final six month run-up to the launch of her latest fashion label Project D.
(The label's co founder/designer is handbag designer Tabitha Webb).

Dannii's twitter follower @xxGemz_Danniixx was watching and noticed something interesting; During a scene in the label's head office, there was a file in shot labeled 'Project D Cosmetics'. Dannii herself has confirmed that the brand will launch a fragrance later this year, so will a new make-up range be following in it's footsteps?

I've been a fan of Dannii's for over 15 years and can recall many interviews in which she's clarified her love of fashion, beauty and designing, so can't wait to see what her [genuine] lifelong passions will create.

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