Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Review: Avon Advance Techniques Lotus Sheid Frizz control serum

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The claim

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Avon say that their new Advance Techniques anti-frizz serum LOTUS SHIELD forms a protective lightweight barrier on hair that is capable of holding up in up to 97% humidity.

The real difference between this and other serums is how Avon claims that the results last through two washes, so this only needs applying every third wash.

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The bottle

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The screw cap bottle is bright orange. Not pretty, but it certainly stands out.

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First impression

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The serum is clear and has a lotus fragrance - lovely and fresh - that is hard to distinguish once the product has been applied, apart from the occasional whiff when my hair blows into my face.

My hands aren't left with a greasy film after applying the product, which is a good sign.
To apply; Shake bottle, rub small amount over hands and smooth over the ends and mid lengths of clean, still damp hair.

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The results

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This is what my hair looked like after air-drying.
This photo was taken a week or so before I begain using Lotus Sheild. Stunning isn't it?!

I took the below photos after using Lotus Sheild continusly for one month and being left to air dry in order to maintain the same conditions the Before picture was taken in.
I used no other products in my hair, apart from my usual shampoo and conditioner [L'Oreal Re-nutrition].

No washes: I was stunned. This is the first Avon product I've owned that has delivered the same results as promised. My hair is almost 100% frizz free, feels very silky, doesn't look lank or greasy, didn't tangle overnight [I was ill and spent 12 hours in bed tossing and turning] and feels even more lightweight than usual.

Even if the results don't last after my hair has been washed I'll still re-buy LOTUS SHEILD as I've never used a serum that has worked so well on my hair before.

After: No Washes...

One wash: I couldn't believe it. My hair still remained almost entirely frizz free and silky after being thoroughly washed. My shampoo and conditioner are good, but my hair was still noticeably easier to manage then normal. It still seemed easier to detangle as well.

I usually wash my hair every other day, but have been leaving it for two to three days as I thought the serum would make my hair mega greasy and heavy, so I wanted to see the results. My hair still looked as clean as it did on the day I washed it, every day between it's last wash.

After: One wash...

Two washes: The ends of my hair were frizzy after styling - not as much as normal though. By the end of the day there was more frizz.

After: Two washes...

Three washes: At first I gave it another day serum-free at first to see if there was any any improvement. My hair looked and felt the same as it did before I started to use LOTUS SHIELD. Verdict? Avon has delivered on their promise.

Avon have always been a hit or miss brand with me and I don't like any of their Advance Techniques range, so I've now been using this product for a month before finishing my review to check for consistency in the results and I'm still very impressed.

I've mentioned this in other haircare reviews; I'm in the process of growing out a disastrous perm, so I'm suffering from more then my regular frizziness - I've got fried hair and look like I've been sticking my finger into electrical sockets. If something is capable of taming the artificial, chemically imposed mess on my head, imagine the results it will give to natural frizz?

When I first read that it will last for up to two washes I thought it'd be heavy and leave a residue that would build up, but so far so good. The only thing I'd caution you with is that the second wash results can vary slightly. It's always given me less frizz then usual, but there is some the majority of the time, whilst other times it can remain frizz free.

Lotus Sield csts £7 for a 60ml bottle.

It's not the cheapest but you only need to use it half as much as other anti-frizz serums, so it's good value. T

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