Friday, 1 December 2017

Is it a goody-goody? Saint edp by Kat Von D...

Since I've reviewed two Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes as being great gifting products, I thought that I'd follow them up by looking at one of her re-released perfumes. 
[if you're wondering; I find Sinner too strong & migraine inducing, so I can't do a decent review for it as the scent notes overwhelm me]

For this 'great Christmas gift idea' product we need to take a walk down memory lane; it was 2009 and I went into a Sephora whilst on my first visit to NYC, which is where I first encountered a fantastic cosmetics brand called Kat Von D Beauty. As well as making the lipstick shade that I still love today, they also made two perfumes; Saint and Sinner, one of which, Saint [see above for original packaging] I Ioved and bought immediately. Over the next few years I would always pick up a bottle or roller ball pen and sample the other two perfumes that followed Saint and Sinner [Poetica & Adora] when I went to the US, until the time came that when I went on one of my trips, I found that the perfumes had all been discontinued.

Back then I think that the perfumes had been US/Canada only releases only, because I never saw them anywhere else - not even eBay, and I eventually gave up looking. Fast forward to August 2017; both Saint and Sinner have been re-released in stunning new bottles, and are available on the Debenhams site [and in selected stores].

So lets dive in and see if Saint is as good as I remembered.....

I don't get any strong floral notes from Saint; I do detect a bit of the jasmine and lily which is underscored by the kick of the sage, but on me the fragrance is all about the creamy milky nutty tone of almond blossom, the comfort & light sweetness of vanilla, and the gentle warmth of the caramel. There is a sense of freshness to the top of the perfume, which is fruit and musk - I get the peach, but can't quite identify the other fruits used. There is also a powdery undertone to the sweetness at the heart of Saint, which I'm guessing comes from a quiet mix of white florals.

The undertone of milky/nutty almond blossom carries through to the base too, and the woods, musk and light hint of something green tones down the sweetness of the lingering vanilla and caramel, which adds more of a mature feel to the fragrance as it dries down. Longevity is good: I get a very respectable eight hours - it goes close to the skin after around 4 hours though, so it does seem quite 'quiet'. A fantastic fragrance for colder weather, as it is so warm and snuggly, although the soft fruits and gentle florals make Saint a all-occasions-all-seasons fragrance.

Key scent notes: clary sage, mirabelle, jasmine, almond blossom, caramel, lily-of-the-valley, vanilla, cedar, peach and musk.

I've not been able to wear Saint for years, and I've gotten a lot better at separating & identifying key notes in perfume, so it's a bit like owning it for the first time; Kat herself has said that the scent notes used are the same as the original Saint, but I notice the fruits more now, so the perfume has more juicy freshness than I remembered it having.

Saint is sold on the Debenhams site. There are 10ml roller pens, duo sets with the roller and mini liquid lipsticks, 50ml bottles and 100ml bottles. The range [including Sinner] can be seen here.

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