Wednesday, 8 June 2016

NOTD: Lip Smackin' Good by China Glaze...

Sunny and warm days are here. It's still rainy near me, but hey, summerI thought that I'd celebrate the British summer by working through my neon polish collection and as I'm currently playing with the new-for-2016 Lite Brites polishes I bought a little while ago, I thought I'd work on a few new reviews, to help people who are not sure if they are worth picking up.

Today we're going to look at a polish shade I've had loads of formula trouble with from every major brand; white-based pink. A shade with a strong white base + super intense colour pigments = ???

as mentioned above, Lip Smackin' Good is a neon white-based pink shade, that dries to a trying-to-be-creme-but-not-quite-making-it sort of satin finish. It does have subtle iridescent pink shimmer in, but it is largely hidden on the nail, which is a shame.

How can you tell if you have a neon polish? If it retains brightness in shadow [see pic], then you know you have a neon shade. For a neon polish (which have intensely high colour pigments, so tend to have tricky formulas) Lip Smackin' Good has a great formula; it is a white-base-optional neon shade; one coat over a white base or two coats of it on it's own, and either way the shade appears the same - I'm wearing one coat of this shade over one coat of a white creme for the photos, as I have peel-prone nails and find that a creme base to satin or matte polishes gives me a neater finish.

The formula is smooth to apply, leaving no bubbles or streaks, and is highly pigmented so you almost only need one coat - there are one or two balder spots so I do need a second coat. I was also impressed with the drying time; within two minutes after application it was touch dry. 

The Lite Brites collection is new for summer 2016, and can be found on all online retailers.

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