Sunday, 19 June 2016

NOTD: Bite Me by China Glaze...

Today I'm showcasing the third and final pink polish shade that's available in the summer 2016 Lite Brites collection.

I've saved the one that I was most looking forward to trying until last, so let's find out if it was worth the wait...

Bite Me is a neon pink with-a-splash-of-orange shade, that dries to a matte finish. I've removed a lippie as this shade does have subtle iridescent golden shimmer in, but it is largely hidden on the nail unless you are viewing it up close, which is a shame.

Whilst the polish refused to glow in the shadows for the 50+ photos I took, Bite Me does have that glow that gives it away as a true neon colour in real life. It has a good formula for a neon polish; the use of a white base doesn't affect the colour, so either wearing coat of this polish over a white base or two coats of it own produces the same shade. The formula is highly pigmented so you almost only need one coat - there are one or two balder spots so I do need a second coat. It is on the drier/caulky side (most neon polishes are) making it brush strokey, so I do recommend wearing this polish over a white creme base for a neater, longer lasting finish.

I like this polish and will get lots of use out of it, but it has the least impressive formula out of the three pink shades in the Lite Brites collection. Don't get me wrong; it IS a good polish, but not as 'wow' as Lip Smackin' Good and I'll Pink To That are, so I'd recommend either one of those over Bite Me. A shame as this was the one that I was most keen on getting, but when there are better ones available in the same collection, I maybe shouldn't have bothered.

[Sorry about the out-of-focus photo, but the shade photographs more accurately that way] 

The Lite Brites collection is new for summer 2016, and can be found on all online retailers.

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