Tuesday, 19 April 2016

[Underneath the] Harvest Moon eyeshadow palette by City Color...

I love watching EmilyNoel83 on YouTube as her preferences in makeup seem largely similar to my own, and her thoughts on various products strike me as being honest. Today's review will be focused on a video she recently did where she was reviewing cheaper makeup palettes [Surprisingly good palette's - under $10!]; I've been wanting to try some new eyeshadows out as I've become bored with my smallish selection of products, so I thought I'd give one of the eyeshadow palettes she found to be pretty good a whirl.

She did think another City Color palette was a bit better in comparison to what I have to show you and I also found the shades in her top-pick palette [Figtastic] more appealing overall, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a brand I've never tried before and I couldn't find it for under a tenner on a UK site (Amazon do sell it. £8.74 & £4.85 post). But since I love the look of the shades with peach and burgundy tones in them in the Harvest Moon palette too, and found it easily at an affordable price [£5.99 with free post on Amazon UK], I decided to give it a go and see what I thought of it...

The Harvest Moon palette contains 16 [EmilyNoel83 says that they are] full-sized shadows, half of which are shimmery, whilst the other half looked like they were matte, but turned out to be more of a satiny formula that also contain a little bit of shimmer.

I wanted to review this palette to tell everyone how great the more shimmery shades are. They feel like butter on my brushes; so soft, smooth, and they just glide on. Honestly; I really was wowed by how well they apply - they feel like a cream formula, and they look molten. I've been wearing them without a eyeshadow primer, and haven't had any problem with creasing or fading. They do produce a bit of fallout when blending with them, but not much.

The more satiny shadows didn't wow me as much, but they are still very usable - they are a bit more powdery and produce a bit of fallout,  but they have good pigmentation and blend and & well as the shimmery shades do. I've noticed a little bit of creasing, but that was after 12 hours of wear, so an average work day [8 hours] of wear is fine.

I think that this palette is a good buy if you like the colours on offer - what you see in the pan is what you get on your lids shade-wise, and the quality is good for the price. 
However there is room for improvement; I would have liked some totally matte shades to have been included in this palette for the crease and transitioning (the satin shades can be used for this, but I have deep-set eyes so prefer to use matte shades in my large crease area), so the Harvest Moon isn't quite a complete look in one palette - it is possible to do so and for the testing period and the below demo looks I used nothing but the Harvest Moon palette with no issues, but now I've allowed myself the choice I've found that I automatically use a matte shade or two from another palette when I want to use a shade or two from my Harvest Moon one.

Here are my favourite two looks I wore during my month-long testing period:

I didn't use a primer or any other shadows 

1 - used as base, from lid to brows.

2 - crease shade
3 - used all over lid
4 - applied to outer V of the lid
5 - Applied with smudge brush above crease shade to soften it, and transition it into the base colour.
3 used to line the underneath inner half of lower lashes, and 4 used to line the outer half.

I'm wearing Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara


1 - used to define crease
2 - applied all over lid, and inner third of crease
3 - applied above shade in crease, and blended upwards.
4 - dotted on in outer lid and blended into lid shade.
5 - applied under brow and blended into transition shade, to eliminate any harsh lines.
2 used to line the underneath inner half of lower lashes, and 1 used to line the outer half.

I'm wearing Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara

The Harvest Moon palette is only £5.99 [free p+p], from a third party seller on Amazon UK.

EmilyNoel83's "Surprisingly good palette's - under $10!" video (which features the Harvest Moon palette) can be watched here.

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