Monday, 10 February 2014

Rock On: Rockateur blush by Benefit

[via Benefit]

Rose golds are the new thing in beauty, so Benefit's latest Box O' Powder has joined the fray...

Benefit's Rockateur blush is a shimmering rose gold shade. The blush looks very shimmery in the box, but on the skin the shimmer is actually quite subtle - so it the perfect amount of glow for my tastes, as it does give skin an added gleam, but it isn't grainy or flaky and totally artificial looking on my skin.

The shade is light and warm, so I originally thought that this would be a spring/summer only shade, but this shade looks good on my very fair skin all year round. I've been wearing it a lot now that it's winter and have found that it brightens up my fair skin, but never looks harsh on me and doesn't turn orange. It is a pricey product, but it goes perfectly with my preferred style of 'undone' makeup looks, so is worth the price for me. 

Benefit says that this blush powder is made with a new 'prismatic technology' formula, which is meant to combine all the best features of baked, powder, cream and liquid blush, to create a brighter, purer pigment.The 'sciency' speech doesn't really move me, but I think that this blush both applies and wears well - I'll apply it in the morning and the powder almost seems to melt into my skin, resulting in a natural looking finish. Then it will last until I take it off at the end of the day.

 I don't usually use the brushes that come with Benefit's Box O' Powders, but Benefit have updated the style of brush that comes with Rockateur, so I do like using it for application; the flat shape of the brush is the same as the previous ones, making precise strokes during application easy. However the brush bristles now softly taper off, so that the brush never picks up too much product, and makes it easy to distribute the powder evenly onto skin.

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