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Review; Ciate Mini Mani Month 2013...

Ciaté: Mini Mani Month

Change your polish every day of the month with this rainbow of color and texture sensations. This holiday calendar countdown includes a playful mix of mini Paint Pots, glitter sprinkles, caviar pearls, salon quality treatments, cute nail gifts, and some hidden surprises along the way. With 17 of Ciate’s favorite creme shades and seven textured manicure toppers, you’ll be entertained all season long. 

[Please note: I bought my MMC in America, so the set contents vary from those you'd find in the UK edition. But, to be honest, the UK edition does sound better. I didn't realise the editions would be different, otherwise I just would have just bought the calendar in Selfridges, rather then try to save a bit of money]...

This is a fabulously cute product; it is an advent calendar that, instead of chocolate, is filled with eighteen of Ciate's bestselling mini Paint Pots [one clear glitter for layering, and seventeen creme, shimmer, and chrome finished polishes], and six textured manicure toppers [Caviar pearls, glitter, and Sequins].

As a whole I think that this a great buy, that is very reasonably priced for the range and quality of the products that you are getting. Obviously I like some shades here more then others, but none of the shades in this collection were 'eww' for me and all of them are very wearable. The polish formulas I've tried are smooth to apply and dry pretty quickly. True; they aren't as hard wearing as my preferred OPI, but as I become bored quickly and am likely to change my polish a few times a week it isn't a major issue. Plus it is nice to get to try the Sequins and Caviar Pearls - I wouldn't buy any of the full-sized sets as I wouldn't use them often, so the bottles of these toppers make a fun addition to this collection.

However I do have two niggles, but one of them is probably more down to personal taste. My main issue is that a few of the Paint Pots are close in colour - particularly the nude, the orange, and the grey shades. The grey polishes are actually two of my personal favourite shades in this collection, but there is no real need to use similar shades at the end of the day - Ciate have hundreds of pretty polish shades, so I'd rather have something different instead. My second gripe is that this collection has four bottles of the Caviar Pearls in it; I'll try them out once or twice, but they aren't an everyday product. Give me the choice between a pretty polish or messing around applying the pearls & clearing them back up, and I'd pick polish without a doubt. Plus in my opinion four bottles is too excessive for a product that most people will only use once or twice.
So overall I would recommend buying this set in the sales, as you can always use the bottles you don't want for yourself as stoking stuffers next xmas :)

Mini Mani Month contents:

18 x 0.17 oz Paint Pots Nail Polish in Snow Globe, Boudoir, Hoopla, Hopscotch, Sugar Plum, Fit For A Queen, Candy Floss, Amazing Gracie, Pepperminty, Encore!, Starlet, Chinchilla, Members Only, Play Date, Ivory Queen, Main Stage, Pillow Fight, Tweed and Tails
2 x 0.17 oz Caviar Luxe in Metallic Pearls Smoulder (silver), Metallic Pearls Lustre (gold)
2 x 0.17 oz Caviar Pearls in Cupids Arrow, Midnight in Manhattan
1 x 0.17 oz Glitter in Twinkle Toes
1 x 0.17 oz Sequins in Dallas Dolly

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