Tuesday, 10 December 2013

NOTD: Flurry Up topcoat by OPI For Sephora, over All I Want For Christmas (Is OPI) by OPI...

All I Want For Christmas (Is OPI) is part of OPI's Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 Christmas collection, and is one of the red shades.

It is a rich maroon colour, with a lovely, shiny creme finish - I'd forgotten how nice and sophisticated uncomplicated creme shades are. I'm normally not fond of red shades but this shade is blue based so it's not RED red, meaning I'm enjoying wearing it immensely, and have already worn it twice within a fortnight even though I have a ton of untrieds to go through...

The formula is smooth to apply and is quick to dry. As the colour is highly pigmented you really only need one coat and it dries quickly (within three minutes). This shade is a two coater on me as there are one or two thin spots, but someone who is better at painting their nails then me could probably get away with one coat.

Using my usual base and top coat, this polish will last me around 2/3 days with only minimal wear; but I'm tough on my hands and am always catching my nails (self powered wheelchair user), so it will probably last longer on other people.

With the silver glitter-flecked Flurry Up glossy top coat I bought in NYC several year's ago, I can get three to four days of wear out of my polish before it starts to chip. Seeing as I use a self-powered wheelchair, I'm thrilled with this. But what makes FLURRY UP different to the many different clear top coats out there is that it contains silver flecks of varying thickness.

It is something that can be used all year round to jazz up any polish you have that you may be a bit bored with. I have also used three coats alone on my nails - the colour isn't any where near opaque, but I love the gleam it gives. The formula is surprisingly smooth to apply. I must also comment on the design of the bottle and lid: The shape is very easy to grip, meaning there's less smudging and spills.

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