Friday, 18 October 2013

No need to draw the line: Liner Effect mascara by Bourjois...

Just one coat of this wonder mascara gives you volume, a strong colour & two coats gives you that full on, false eyelash look. Perfect for making a statement.

Because the shape of the brush makes the colour go to the base of your lashes, you don’t need eyeliner. Start at the base with the half of the brush with the shorter bristles, as you stroke towards the ends of your lashes twist the brush round so you finish with the longer bristles. Easy.

The wear is good (no flakes or smudges) & the price is OK (£8.50).

However, I have one issue; EFFET LINER is a pain to remove. Even so, this is my favourite mascara at the minute. Could it become a HG? Time will tell.

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